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7 Must-Know Small Business SEO Tips

An integral part of any business success is its marketing plan. In today’s world, it caters to the internet and search engines in particular.


Potential customers can’t become clients if they can’t find you. We all know how important it is to rank on the first pages of search engine results. It takes skill and planning to get there.


Keep reading for 7 must-know small business SEO tips.

1. Create A Social Butterfly Effect

Clients and search engines want you to interact.


Setting up a webpage and waiting for it to be successful isn’t enough. Your business is more than a website.


Visitors want a positive memorable experience. They also have short attention spans. They need reminding you are there. Constantly.


The more social media sites you network on, the more people you will reach. This also invites clients to connect with you more. Comments, posts, and tweets by clients are beneficial to you.

Good reviews, comments, and website traffic can improve your ranking in search results.


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are all popular platforms for businesses. They allow businesses to interact with clients. These profiles help direct traffic to your website.


The bigger your presence on the internet, the better you rank in search results.


Investing in a social media marketing campaign will have a ripple effect on other aspects of the business.


Interacting regularly with clients can build a connection and loyalty otherwise unreachable.

2. Don’t Make Them Wait

Fast service isn’t only for on the checkout line. Your website needs to be fast too. The time your website takes to load can affect your ranking in search engine results.


A slow loading website is not only bad for your results rating. Research shows you can lose as many as 40% of visitors if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.


It’s important to consider loading speed on all devices and browsers. Your website may load fast on Google Chrome but not well on Firefox. It may load well on a laptop but not on a mobile phone.


Site uptime is a factor that can affect your visitor ratio. It influences your ranking in search engine results as well.

3. Keywords

Keywords are important. Not only to have spread out through the content but to have at the right ratio. Proper placement of keywords that flow as part of the text will help with search engine ranking.


Its essential content is written well. You want to inform and entertain visitors. While still making the correct percentages of keywords for search engine algorithms.


Keywords are the words individuals would use to search for your site. This is one of the most crucial of all small business SEO tips. Keywords are how your clients will find you.


When selling unique enamel pins like Woven Label HK you tailor content to words clients use.

They would make sure that if the keywords are “enamel pins” that phrase is used 5-10 times in a 1000 word post. They include the words “enamel pins” in the first paragraph. Then throughout the page content.


The placement of keywords allows search engines to know a page is relevant when users search.

4. Internal and External Links

Small business SEO tips include having relevant links to pages related to your topic. These need to be smoothly included in your content without seeming forced.


There are optimal percentages for links in your content as well. You will not be excluded from results pages if you don’t have the right amount of links. You may end up lower in the results than another page that does have all the SEO factors that you don’t.


Some think including external links is bad. Believing it sends visitors away from a site. They forget there is a good reason to have links to other relevant sites.


There needs to be quality more than quantity. The right links will connect you to the right traffic.

Internal links help visitors explore the interesting information you have available for them. They’ll stay longer on your site. Even with external links, they’ll return because you gave quality information.


You create traceable traffic. If the external links get even a small percentage of visitors from your site, they’ll notice your link. This can lead to connections to your page.


Search engines see the page as useful. They notice it leads visitors to other relevant content.

5. Research

The research will be worth the time and money you invest. Know your customers and how they use the internet. Research what is working on your site and what isn’t. Research how your competitors attract business.


When you know the right keywords for your niche you can find your perfect clients. When you apply your research to your marketing strategy, your clients will find you. You’ll be easier to find because you know where they’re searching.


One of the best small business SEO tips you can get is- Do your research.

6. Don’t Be Content with Boring Content

The content of your website, social media and blog posts is your chance to sell the reader. Don’t disappoint.


Every time they visit your site they want to be wowed. Give them something to talk about. You might make them laugh or give them something to think about or unique information they want to share.


Fresh content that entertains and informs will get people coming back. It’ll have others searching you out.


Make them take notice and keep their attention once they do. The more relevant content you give them the more reasons they have to remember you.


Search engines like new content. Web pages rank higher if they are filled with newer material relevant to the search.


SEO is also helped by the increased traffic and longer amount of time visitors spend on your site.

7. Even Superheroes Have Sidekicks

Running a small business takes all your energy, time and resources. You are driven to succeed. You can’t do it all alone.


Lots of people contribute to your success. You can call for help when you need it. A successful online marketing strategy is a difficult and time-consuming maze of factors. It takes skill and expertise.


Outsourcing SEO and social media to those who know the ins and outs of a successful campaign are smart. Your website can reach its potential and work for you instead of you working hard on getting any results at all.

Possibilities are Limitless

A well-planned marketing strategy can take you beyond your wildest dreams. You can make it happen by growing with the world wide web. Following these small business SEO tips will help you get there.


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