20 Simple Ways to Dress up Your T-shirt


The T-shirt is considered to be the most comfortable and versatile item in a wardrobe. Nowadays, they are not just perfect for the weekends but also for our everyday routine and are loved by both fashionistas and slobs, alike. Brought to you by Printsome, a fast T-shirt printing agency for brands and companies all over the UK, this infographic will show you 20 simple ways to style up your T-shirts.

For office days or dinner parties, a T-shirt and a blazer is the perfect combination, casual and stylish at the same time. A contrast impossible not to call attention. If you don’t like many colours, black is the best option to show everyone your elegant dark side. You may even consider pairing it with a biker jacket (leather or suede). As an alternative, you can always use a cardigan or accessory like a fancy scarf to add layers. Another great idea is to play with different textures: knitted garments, wool, tweed or fur are a great way to give your simple T-shirt a special touch!

For women, there are plenty of options: Statement jewellery from will always help make your outfit memorable. And what about heels? Higher or shorter, colourful pumps are perfect to stylise anything you decide to wear.

Men deserve some tips, as well: a pair of chinos or a more classical suit are both good choices, you just should avoid bright colours. As an alternative, you can also use a topcoat or a simple 90’s button-up shirt.

These are just few examples of the stylish tips you will find in the infographic. So, keep reading, open your wardrobe and start styling your outfit.

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