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18 Premium Fonts for Designers in August 2015

For normal folks, fonts may seem like nothing but a bundle of letters. However, for designers, they are as essential as the air we breathe—the embodiment of the message we want to convey.

Designs are not exclusively about images and illustrations. More often, they are supported by text that allow our audience to easily grasp what we want to say. However, to blend with the image parts of the design, they must share characteristics and produce a similar feel. This is where special typefaces enter the scene.

Premium fonts are created with a particular vision and purpose in mind, and that is the reason why they work outstandingly well with specific themes. If you are looking for “The One” font that will make your design pop, then you ought to take a look at these lovely fonts that surfaced this month of August 2015:


18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

Inspired by the time he has spent travelling Asia, especially exploring the Philippines, Madrid-based Joluvian designed the calligraphic font, Salamat. It is then formally produced by Argentina type foundry, Sudtipos.


Modern and fashionable, Break is a completely free typeface available for personal and commercial use. It’s created by Delhi-based visual designer, Rajesh Rajput.


When it comes to role-playing games, Zelda is a classic. Similarly, the Zelda font from Mohamed Jabir of India is classy in its minimalist, san serif design. It’s free for personal use.


Zefani is actually a font family composed of: Stencil, with strong and bold lines, and Sans, which utilizes light monotone strokes. It’s created by American graphic designer Andrew Herndon.


If you are looking for classy vintage fonts, then Istanbul’s Recha Tugcu got you covered. His premium Robinson font is available in 18 designs, with multilingual letters, and bonus paper texture.

Faith and Glory

18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

Handmade things always bring a sense of warmth, and so do the Faith and Glory typeface from UK design collective, Set Sail Studios. This set includes two brush fonts, with support for international languages and alternates available for key characters.

Melika Script

The Melika Script is an elegant and dynamic typeface made by Indonesian group, JROH. With a total of 358 glyphs showcasing dancing lines and curves, this font is perfect for invitations, greeting cards, posters, and more.

Devira Outland

For branding and designs that require modern outline fonts, the Devira Outland is the answer. Crafted by Indonesian graphic designer Sarwo Edi, Devira is a slim uppercase type available in a single, regular weight.


Violence is never a good thing. However, Aiyari’s Violence font is anything but evil. As it exudes strong emotions and high energy, coupled with rough brush strokes, it works well for a wide range of purposes—logos, clothing, titles, etc.


Like regular handwriting that doesn’t have uniform size or shape, Chizuru is a uneven but lovely font handmade by Argentina designer Ezeqviel Ergo (Ergohiki).


Looking for a fancier font that will match your brand, design, or app? Then check out Indonesian designer AddthisrockStd’s geometric Relative font.


18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

Simple but filled with passion and energy. This is the core of the Malaka brush front created by Indonesia-based Ijem.


Rahmah is another typeface made by Ijem. This version is a simple sans serif font with regular weight. It is created as a part of the Rahmah family font.


Still can’t get enough of brush-type fonts? Then consider Layla from Indonesia graphic and typography designer, AngelicaStudio. This typeface includes 439 glyphs, including ligatures and stylistic sets.


How do you define luxury? Maybe it’s through sparkling gems. Or maybe it’s with a sophisticated font such as Luxe created by Mexican designer Diana Orozco (Design District).


Many premium fonts try to wow their target audiences with bold designs and intricate details, but not Insolente. This realistic human script designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin for La Goupil Paris is all about simplicity and giving illustrations and other creations a personal touch.

Awesome Display

18 Premium Fonts for Designers August 2015

You know how a lot of logos have hypnotic decorative swashes? Fey Typo foundry of Indonesia used them as inspiration to create the Awesome pack, which includes multilanguage characters, alternative ligature fonts, and bonus swashes.


Created by Locomotype, Garris is a gorgeous monoline script font that includes ligatures, stylistic alternates, swashes, and more.

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