Need Summer Stock Images? Have you visited 123RF?

Summer is here! It’s time to soak up the sun while you treat yourself to fresh water, the beach, bikinis, and… stunning images. Feeling the summer heat? Let our scorching hot summer-inspired stock image collection from sizzle up your computer screen!

Say Hello to Summer

Image credit : Say Hello to Summer

If you need images to spice up your summer pursuits, look no further than With more than 20 million stock photo collections, you can expect a lot of summer-themed images here.

Looking for a specific stock file on Its easy-to-use and accurate search function could come in handy. You either search through all the images on the site or select specific file types that you want. Feel like you’ve missed something during your image search? You can modify your search by the Advanced Search option available. This will give you more freedom to add specific attributes to file searching, such as freshness, collections, model preferences, gender, colors, and other options. Moreover, if you need immediate assistance, you can always rely on’s live chat option.

You can also choose to search for images using these categories; most relevant, most downloaded, and latest stock images, by clicking the available tabs above. These tabs will display the search results accordingly. Basically, summer-themed images are available in both photo and vector formats. Not sure about how to differentiate between these creative formats? You can refer to the icons below each image which will indicate whether the image is a photo or vector, as well as the paying methods that are available.

Summer is always related to sun, sea, refreshing drinks, and bikinis. The summer-related stock image collection from is actually linked to these fun and sunny factors. Here are some examples of summer-themed images that can be found on

Dog sunbathing

Image credit : Dog Sunbathing

About 123rf is the abbreviation of 123 Royalty Free. Founded in 2005, 123RF has become one of the most popular microstock agencies available on the internet now. As what you can expect from a microstock agency, sells numerous high quality stock files including photos, vectors, logos, audio and footage clips. 123RF has established itself as a platform that allows designers, photographers, and other digital artists to sell some of their works while making a name for themselves. This website has more than 2.6 million users and to date, over 20 million creative stock collections in its library. that number most likely will keep increasing over time.

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