10 Creative Ideas For a Cryptocurrency Website

Cryptocurrency is on the rise today. It seems only the lazy one didn’t think about the creation of his own cryptocurrency. There are so many cryptocurrencies available on the modern-day web. The best thing about all this is that you do not need to be technically-savvy in order to try your hand at “mining” these days. Getting a new business online can be worry-free provided that you know how to do this right. In this blog post, we will share the 10 working tips on how to create a cryptocurrency website that will bring you the desired success in the market.

Choose a Theme

Building a website with the help of a ready-made design is less time- and money-consuming. The web provides an abundance of platforms and CMS that can become the foundation of your future site. There a number of the pre-designed templates that you can use as the starting point of your online project.

You do not need to be a programming specialist in order to create a cryptocurrency website. There are plenty of usable drag-and-drop page builders that allow even the non-techies to create their unique web projects without hiring a freelancer or a web design studio.

Build Your Cryptocurrency Website Code-free

The number of cryptocurrency websites grows. This causes the wider choice of the ready-made website templates suited for this purpose. One of such popular and usable solutions is MotoCMS. The intuitive drag-and-drop page builder included into MotoCMS templates allows you to manage pre-built designs without touching a single line of code. All changes are applied in the visual mode. All that you need to do is to drag and drop the ready-made design elements and widgets. You will see the results of the theme customization in the real-time.

Make It Accessible from Smaller Screens

Whatever kind of the online project you want to launch, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is keeping all pieces of content fully adaptive to the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. Cryptocurrency websites are no exception. A responsive web design frees you from the need to create separate versions of your site for smartphone and table owners.

Taking into consideration the rise of the smart gadgets, webmasters give special preference to the mobile-first web design approach. This is one of the best strategies used to create laconic and content-focused websites. Building a website for the smaller screens, you pay more attention to details.

Tell Your Story via a Blog

Cryptocurrency websites are not only about the numbers and stats. Whether you build a business or an eCommerce web resource, you can integrate it with the blogging functionality. This will help you to educate the audience, keep them updated on the latest news, as well as boost the performance of your website in the search engines. By means of a built-in blog, you can make your Cryptocurrency website more SEO-friendly. A better optimized content makes your web page more findable on the web.

Highlight Your Benefits

Do not force your visitors to run the in-depth research on your site in order to come across the top reasons why they should have business with you. It will be a great idea to place a block featuring the top advantages of your business over your competitors somewhere on the homepage of your web resource. Just like on the image provided below, reveal facts accompanied with numbers and recognizable icons. Make a clear statement choosing several key factors why your cryptocurrency is worth a try. Present the well-known brand names that accept your cryptocurrency, etc.

Provide Free Consultations

Integrating a cryptocurrency website with live search, forum or a contact form is always a great idea. This will make your business look more reputable and reliable in the eyes of the web community. It’s likely that people will have some questions about the performance, stats or other factors connected with your cryptocurrency. The expert help of your support team will help you keep the wider audience with you.

Do You Work with a Team? Present it to Your Audience

Presenting the team members on your site will present your business in the more reliable and reputable style. Reveal a couple of facts about your staff, their photos, and include links to their social media profiles. There are plenty of scammers on the web. Prove that you are not of that kind.

Use Charts, Graphics, Diagrams

It’s no secret that visual content is better understood by the users than plain texts. When it comes to the cryptocurrency websites, enhancing your data with stats and charts will help you to reveal the efficiency and demand on your offers. Images speak louder than words. Enhancing the cryptocurrency site with chats and diagrams will by twice more useful.

Establish a Better Contact with Your Audience

Taking into account the impressive popularity of social media platforms, it’s a great idea to enhance your cryptocurrency website with social media links to your official profiles on the top social media platforms. You can also integrate your website with social media widgets. This will keep the users updated on your latest Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ news as they browse the pages of your site.

A newsletter subscription form is the must-have element that will help you establish the long-lasting relationship with your audience.

Keep Your Cryptocurrency Website Up-to-Date

Launching cryptocurrency websites on the web is half the deal. As soon as your project goes live, you need to keep it updated with the latest stats, news, and recommendations so that the web users will find it useful. The same deals with the technologies that your web page contains. Keep is safe and always up-to-date.

In Closing

The web has gone crazy about cryptocurrencies. This is the best time to launch a cryptocurrency business project, present it to the online community, and drive in the miners. Use the tricks that we highlighted in this post. Are there any other techniques that are worth to be mentioned here? We’ll appreciate you sharing your ideas via comments.

Written by Tim Ross

Tim Ross is a professional content creator and an enthusiastic marketer from MotoCMS website building
. He spends most of his day behind the screen, drinking coffee and exploring the latest digital trends. He loves to write about web design,
development, online marketing, social media and much more. Apart from writing, he loves traveling & crossfit.


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