How to Monetize Your Website

Having an eCommerce website or a blog takes passion, a lot of sweat and a head for business.
Your website is your baby. You long to see it grow, develop and become a legendary destination.
Maybe it was just fun and games at the beginning, but it quickly became clear that people are making loads of money by monetizing their websites. So, you may decide to take the plunge and turn your website visitors into buyers.
However, you might feel disoriented and unprepared for all these self-promoting strategies. Your statistics show a decent amount of visitors but buyers are scarce.
Accelerating conversion rate may seem impossible but it’s not.
Let us talk you through the steps.
First and foremost, present your product in the best light possible. The first impression is crucial.
Also, make everything you can to increase your page speed because nothing deters potential clients as much as a slow website that takes forever to load. The technical support and online learning centers of mostly all hosted and self-hosted site builders are able to help.
And please, remove CAPTCHA and registration forms, since they are a waste of your customer’s time.
You need your website furnished with relevant content and a dash of personality. The homepage does not need to be crowded with content and colorful ads.
On the contrary, a clean layout with concise categories can help keep visitors interested. Display your stock carefully – bigger images and succinct descriptions are largely helpful.
Another tried and tested method is to post regularly and refresh your website with engaging content. A video demonstration of your product also keeps the visitors keen.
Potential clients love seeing the personal side of the business; they appreciate the passion behind the brand. Feel free to post professional quality photos o satisfied consumers.
Loyal supporters, even more so than new consumers, love discounts. To increase the conversion rate, bear in mind that 26% of customers enjoy using coupons and gift cards.
No one said monetizing a website is all plain sailing, but there are some less painful ways to increase revenue.
Want more secrets? Take a look at the infographic below.

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