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Your Guide for Building a Church Website

In America today, there are currently more than 300,000 churches in existence.


Do you need to create a website for your church? Having a strong presence online can lead to higher church attendance.


It’s important to spread the word about your church and how people can contact the pastors while browsing the Internet

Let us show you how to become an expert church website builder in just a matter of steps.

1. Use Squarespace

Looking for a simple approach to starting your journey as a church website builder?


Consider using Squarespace as a place to easily host and tweak everything you put into the website you desire.


You should look like an expert from the start. Squarespace offers you the ability to create your website with an all-in-one feature to minimize the hassle of learning any HTML code at all.


The beauty of Squarespace also includes a helpful customer service line that is available to assist you with any technical problems 24/7. With this service, you are also able to purchase a domain name to customize the address for people to find your church.


If you need to quickly form a website for your church, we suggest choosing something such as Squarespace to get your feet wet to prepare yourself for creating an awesome website building strategy.

2. Work With Ready-To-Use Templates

Forget about teaching yourself how to mess with difficult HTML code. The expert coders of the Internet have already developed quite a variety of templates for you to choose from, no matter what platform you decide use as your church website builder.


From WordPress to Blogger, you can search online for the best template that provides you with enough space to add in your information.


Make sure the template you choose has space for visitors to reach out and even leave their own testimonials that show why they love attending your church the most.


Some page ideas include a service times page and a place to report youth ministry activities. Having a page to discuss Bible verses about hope and peace is another way to interact with your visitors.


It’s also a good idea to write weekly blog post updates to keep people in the know about new things, such as upcoming Bible studies, which often involve reaching out to the church members to plan.


Having a contact tab on your website is also key for visitors to get in touch with you if they have any questions regarding your church. Place contact information close to the address and phone number of your church, too.

4. Be a Church Website Builder Who is Professional

When you pick out a beautiful color scheme to show off the perks of attending your church to your new visitors, make a point to be professional.


Your church needs to appeal to the masses to draw in new attendees each Sunday. The best way to do this is to be modern with your template and design ideas.


Keeping it basic with a black and white color scheme creates a simple, yet cohesive look for your entire website. Add character to the messages you provide for your visitors and the various links you direct them to click through to find out more information.


The website design you have for your church website needs to be mobile-friendly, too. Pick a design template that operates on iPhones as well as Androids so anyone with an Internet connection can check up on the latest news to hit your site.

5. Watch YouTube Videos

So many YouTube videos are available for you to watch in order to establish the design of your church website.


Instead of hiring an expensive web designer, figure out how to make small changes to the template you choose to work with.


Enjoy the journey of trying something new as you create links and buttons in your website design.

6. Personalize Some Aspects of Your Church Website

Nothing is more heartwarming than to see a photo of a family who has attended the church for many years right on the front page of your site.


Personalizing your church website to be warm and welcoming is an option, too. This approach brings a sense of closeness to the values of the church.


Including graphics with smiling families or small children who have grown up in the halls of your church further illustrate a first impression of togetherness.


If your church plans mission trips, it would also be a great idea to show where the trips have made an impact around the world.


These images and videos are helpful ways to market your church and focus on shedding light on the best aspects of church life.


The high-quality images and videos loading on your site tell people to get involved with the church. Showing them exactly how they could benefit from joining is another way to increase attendance while building a powerful website that becomes a wonderful marketing tool.

Want Help Understanding Web Design Do’s and Don’ts for 2018?

Becoming an expert church website builder is completely doable once you start looking at the options at hand.


We hope this article shows you how to easily go into hosting sites such as Squarespace or WordPress to make small changes to custom templates in order to design the perfect layout to draw in new crowds of churchgoers in your area.


Big or small, your church needs an online presence. Don’t spend tons of time and money creating a template when there are already so many amazing ones available on the market right now.


Pick one that flows with the values of your church and start adding in your custom church information as soon as possible!


Looking for more web design do’s and don’ts for 2018? We’ve got you covered at CrazyLeaf!


Read the rest of our web design tips and tricks to discover even more helpful advice to create the best church website ever.


The resources available at CrazyLeaf will provide you with numerous design tips if you are in a pinch and looking to change up your current website design strategy.


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