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Ever wondered how infographics are made ? If you are curious like me, you probably have. For those who do not know what I am talking about, infographics are visual representations of information, data and knowledge.

Infographic Design Team

Infographic Design Team is a team of over 100 designers that offers world-class infographics and data visualizations. Their infographics are so inclusive yet visually pleasing that, they clearly illustrate the usually complex issues, and users just have a smooth ride to assimilate the entire story.

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Infographic Mayan Prophecy

Infographic Design Team offers the following infographic design services :

  • Informative & Editorial Infographic design
  • Promotional Branded Infographic design
  • Interactive Infographic design
  • Infographic design for Publishers
  • Animated Infographic design
  • Infographic Resume design
  • Consultancy for the use of Infographics in various media

The process of getting your infographic is really straight-forward from start (your order) to finish (your final infographic design). All you have to do is complete a very intuitive order form and submit the payment. The form is easy to use and provides all the information needed for the designers to start the infographic design process. The design team also can help you research the topic you want the infographic about. Once the order is placed a customer support representative will get in touch personally to discuss the requirement in details. Once this step is completed then the design process gets started.

Within 3 to 5 business days you will receive several individually produced infographic concepts.

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You will use these mockups to make an evaluation and decide where do you want to go from there. You might like the color scheme from one design, the font from another, the layout from another. You can combine and mix the designs anyway you wish in order for you to receive the exact infographic you wish. The process of tweaking continues until you are satisfied with the final product.

Infographic Design Team also offers a partnership / reseller oportunity. You can read more about their affiliate/reseller/partner program here.

Contact InfoGraphic Design Team to know more or Order your InfoGraphic Design now!

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