Awesome Plugins to Enhance the WordPress Menu System

WordPress can rightly be called as “The Father of all CMS’s (Content Management Systems)”. Being a blogger myself, I can say this with such a level of confidence only because of the innumerous benefits that I’ve been enjoying after having installed WordPress into my blogging site.

Well, WordPress has offered me 100% flexibility of adding a variety of functionalities that’ve helped me gain a unique niche among the crowd of very-popular blogging sites available over the web.

What’s the need for WordPress Plugins?

WordPress developers have been making continuous efforts to come up with innovative “plug-ins” which aid in enhancing the WordPress experience. The importance of plug-ins can’t be ignored because these are the only tools that’ve helped in transforming bare-bones websites into highly functional and interactive websites. When you first install WordPress onto your website, you get access to the default functionalities only. Downloading and installing the latest WordPress plug-ins allows you to do a lot more with WordPress. Whether you intend to re-build your job portal or e-store, these WordPress plugins aid you in expertly including functionalities that’re at par with yours as well as your clients’ expectations.

Flaws available within WordPress default Menu System

Although WordPress is a perfect Content Management System, some flaws still exist in the system’s menu. Here’s a look at some of these flaws that’ve been bothering WordPress users across the globe:

  • Customizing Menu-items. It’s quite common to find WordPress users who’re stuck with issues with customization of items within their WP menu. Linking the Website Home page to different inner pages is one such issue that’s been faced by a majority of WP users.
  • Creating Multi-level Menus. This is yet another major pitfall associated with the usage of WordPress default menu system. Users often get confused about arranging items under headings and sub-headings.
  • Inconvenience in using horizontal navigation menu. WordPress users often tend to get bored with the horizontal navigation menu that’s available as a default feature within WordPress. This situation is a huge concern when the website is being accessed via a hand-held device.

Now that you’re familiar with the major drawbacks attached to the WordPress default Menu System, I’m sure you’ll wondering whether there are any solutions for combating these WP usage challenges. Fortunately, yes, there is a sure-shot way that’ll make all these WordPress menu-related issues, “A Thing of the Past”.

So, without further adieu, let me make you familiar with what can actually help you manage your WordPress menu in a convenient manner. It’s a “PLUG-in” guys!!! Yes, you heard it right!! By installing WP Menu plugins you can get over all the hassles of managing your menu in the correct manner.

Below, I’ve mentioned top 4 WP Menu Plugins that’ve worked wonders for me and will surely do the same for you as well:


View Plugin

This WP plugin is especially designed for adding extra functionalities to the standard menu system. By installing this plugin, you can add larger menus that can sustain multiple columns of links. You can improve the visual appearance of your menu system by adding icons and images. This plugin supports widgets that can easily be incorporated into the menus you create. The menus you create here can take any of these forms: a search bar, contact form, image galleries etc, making it convenient for you to navigate across different areas within your website.

Wordpress Menu Plugins

Path Style Menu

View Plugin

This premium WordPress plugin is tailor-made for those who’re looking to make their WordPress website easy-to-use and appealing on smartphones and various other touch screen devices. Once installed, this plugin adds an icon to one of the four corners of your site, which when clicked expands the menu items creating an arc effect. In addition to this, this plugin also offers you the flexibility of positioning the buttons in a circular or vertical manner.

Wordpress Menu Plugins

WP Sticky Menu

View Plugin

By installing this plugin, you can easily create a horizontal navigation menu that’ll always stay on display even when the users scroll down a page. You can either choose this as a permanent replacement for your existing WordPress menu or maintain it as a separate additional menu. Fixing the navigation menu for each web page is a great way to increase user engagement. WP’s Sticky Menu is responsive in design, making it compatible with multitude screen sizes.

Wordpress Menu Plugins

JQuery Mega Menu Widget

View Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that uses JQuery. Once installed, this plugin doesn’t restrict your mega menus to just a single page rather you can easily customize your standard WordPress menu system for a brand new look and feel. You can do a lot more with your existing menus. You can opt for menu activation, either through sliding menus or through mouse hovering over menu items. You can even modify the appearance of menus created using this plugin. This can be done using CSS language.

Wordpress Menu Plugins


WordPress menu plugins truly have something for every WordPress addict. Whether you want to revamp your existing menu system or are finding it cumbersome to setup and manage the menu items, installing the right menu plugin will work in your benefit. You’ll be able to get an attractive yet simple-to-use WP menu that’ll stay with you throughout your WordPress journey. Hope you’d have loved reading this post. If you want to share any of your experiences with the WP menu plugins mentioned above, please proceed ahead by leaving a comment in the box below.

Written by Jason Roiz

Jason is an innovative and experimental veteran developer, who now devote his time in advising its clients to hire WordPress programmer. He is also associated with OSSMedia Ltd. an experienced and iconic custom wordpress development , which has delivered a wide array of web development projects in past.


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