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Wix vs Weebly vs Squarespace vs WordPress: Which CMS is Best?

A business without a website may as well be non-existent in today’s marketplace. A 2018 Small Business Survey by Clutch found that 64% of small businesses had a website and 58% of those that didn’t were planning to get one in 2019.

But it’s not enough to just create a website, you need to bring it up-to-date to make sure that you’re providing:

  • The best impression of your company
  • A positive user experience
  • Content and design that’s optimized to drive more traffic to your site

That’s why choosing the right platform to build your site is crucial–it’s about much more than aesthetics.

However, you may feel a little lost on where to begin as you either create a site from scratch or switch to a new CMS.

Hang tight, because we’re giving you a quick rundown of the most popular content management systems out there right now: Wix vs Weebly vs Squarespace vs WordPress. Which is better?

Keep reading to learn some pros and cons of each, and also a bit of advice in case you’re looking to hire a pro vs DIY.

Wix vs Weebly

Both Wix and Weebly are known for being pretty user-friendly with drag-and-drop features that make website building a breeze.

But let’s break down the pros and cons of each to help determine which is truly a better fit for you:



  • Over 110 million users (over twice the amount of Weebly, so you’re in good company here)
  • Incredibly user-friendly with basically no learning curve (no coding skills needed!)
  • Has its own web hosting
  • Runs in your browser so that you do not need to download additional software
  • Wix pricing ranges from FREE-$29


  • Unable to switch Wix templates after creating your site
  • Cannot export to other platforms if you decide to make a switch
  • Although Wix offers a free option, it comes with ads
  • Users have reported issues with editor lagging when building larger websites



  • Multiple users can edit the website under separate accounts (great for teams)
  • Allows you to switch templates
  • Templates adapt well for smartphones
  • It’s not free to use, but its $8 starter plan does include a free domain for one year


  • Some users report issues with smartphone adaptability
  • Fewer template options compared to Wix
  • More complicated user interface compared to Wix
  • Although it has export functionality, you’ll probably need to know some code to do it

Squarespace vs WordPress

If you have some coding skills, you may want to try either Squarespace or WordPress, which allow a little more leeway to the user in terms of customization.



  • Templates are smartphone-friendly
  • Offers live chat support
  • Easy to add an online store where customers can log in
  • Squarespace pricing ranges from $12-$40 per year, which includes a domain name


  • Editor functionality is not as simple as Wix or Weebly (even though it also uses a drag-and-drop feature)
  • The templates are not great if SEO is important to you
  • Sites built on Squarespace tend to look pretty, but aren’t as user-friendly as some of the others mentioned–basically, this option is great if you’re needing a site with awesome aesthetics, but not much depth



  • Provides great SEO functionality
  • WordPress boasts access to over 54,000 plug-ins
  • Totally customizable and free WordPress themes are available
  • Easy to make site smartphone-friendly


  • You’ll definitely need to know how to code in order to design a great WordPress site
  • No built-in support (but lots of online resources)
  • Can get pricey depending upon hosting plan, paid plug-ins, SSL, and custom templates and graphics used

Hiring a Website Design Pro

Need a custom-made website that makes your business stand out from others, but still feel intimated to do it yourself? Hiring a design company, like Baltimore-based RDB Design, could be the way to go.

An expert can help clear any remaining confusion on which platform and web host will best suit your needs, based on the type of site that you’re creating and the look and feel that you want to provide your target audience.

Getting started with a professionally-designed site from the beginning can save you a lot of hassles later when you want to update (and you will!).

A professional can also make sure that your site is adaptable for all platforms (desktops, cell phones, tablets), has quality graphics, is search engine optimized, integrates with your social media presence, and much more!

Get Started with Web Design Resources

Whether you’re choosing between the newbie-friendly Wix vs Weebly or the more code-able Squarespace vs WordPress, now you’re armed with tips to help you make the best choice.

Ready to get started? Check out our web design resources to help you create an amazing new site!

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