What You Need to Know About SEO For Auto Dealers

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If you run an auto dealership, you know it’s all about getting more customers in. But did you know that SEO for auto dealers can help you make the sales you need?


You may only sell cars in person, but a strong web presence with SEO helps customers find out about you. This translates into more sales for your business – guaranteed.


Ready to learn how to use SEO for auto dealers? Read on for more.

1. Your Website is Important

Many customers – even local ones – will search for auto dealerships online before hitting the streets. Your website is the first impression they get from your dealership.


Is that first impression great? Without SEO, your website may not shine as much as it could. Your website should stand up to your competitors and cover all the content it needs to get customers to come to you.


You need easy-to-find contact information, and enough background about your business for them to trust you, among other things. SEO strategies can help.

2. Customers are Searching for You

Well, they’re searching for auto dealerships, at any rate. Will yours be the one they find? That depends on SEO.


SEO helps get your business page higher in Google’s search rankings. If your competitors’ websites are above yours, customers are more likely to go to them. For example, if you’re a Fiat dealership, you’ll want people to see your site first when they search for “Used Fiat” online.


People are already searching for auto dealers online. You just have to make sure that you’re the one they see first. SEO gets your company in front of their eyes.

3. You Can Get on Google My Business

Do you have a Google My Business page yet? If not, what are you waiting for?


Claiming your listing is one of the easiest ways you can boost your rankings in the search engines. Make sure to list accurate contact information for your business, so customers can easily find you.


Add an image and a business description to make it complete. This makes you look more legitimate in the eyes of customers.

4. You Can Build Credibility

Before the internet, credibility was built through word of mouth. People would be more likely to visit an auto dealership that they’re heard good things about. If you were lucky, your company might get a write-up in the local newspaper.


Now, you can build that credibility through online links and mentions, instead. The more other websites mention you, the more trustworthy you’ll appear. SEO techniques help you get those valuable citations from other websites.

5. Positive Reviews Matter

Reviews are one of the first things people look for when searching for an online business. SEO for auto dealers helps you bring in happy customers, and encourage them to leave a good review.


This functions as another way to build credibility and bring in new business.

Will You Try SEO for Auto Dealers?

SEO might be a new game for you, but if it makes you money, why not give it a try?


With this easy guide, you’re well on your way to using SEO to make your dealership grow.


Need help getting started? Check out our guide to building a website the easy way here.


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