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What to Take From These 6 Well-Designed Finance Websites

Web design plays a major role in important parts of your business’ sales and marketing strategy affecting factors like SEO, branding, and trust.


In a sensitive industry like finance, building trust with potential clients is key.


One of the ways you build trust with your potential clients is through your website. Finance websites that are well-designed can be used as tools to build trust and credibility.


In this article, we will talk about the best finance websites and why they grabbed our attention.

Continue reading to see how you can apply what you learn from these websites to your own site.

6 Finance Websites that Caught Our Attention

There is always something to learn when reviewing other top platforms, products, and services. Here are some websites you can learn from to make sure your website is up to par.

1. London and Capital

While staring at options might not be your idea of a good time, looking at the London and Capital website is easy on the eyes.


The website’s homepage is minimal and allows for quick loading. There are clear and simple options that ensure visitors aren’t confused. The minimalist design is just enough to walk users to the pages they want them to visit.


Navigation is simple and easy to find. The hover over and appear feature keeps navigation clutter to a minimum.

2. Jo Hambro

Before visitors are allowed to enter the website, Jo Hambro requires them to pick their location.

There is also a disclaimer to take care of any legalities. One of the pieces finance websites miss from time to time is making their website compliant with local laws.


Their website loads quickly and has a responsive design. The graphics are minimal and don’t take the viewer’s attention away from the information. There are a lot of tabs on their navigation, but they are spaced out nicely, so the text is easy to read.

3. Jupiter

As soon as you land on the site, you see Jupiter’s statement of what they believe. The navigation is placed in the upper hand corner and is very small, so it doesn’t distract from the path they want the visitor to take.


There is an area for the selection of location as well as guidance to what you are looking for on the site. The design makes for a very easy user experience.

4. Insight Investment

When you land on their website, they have an attractive design that immediately puts you at ease. On the right-hand corner, they allow for location selection which takes you to the landing page for your selection.


The process happens quickly, and it isn’t a lot of work for the visitor to get to the landing page.


Once on the landing page, the website copy immediately starts to build trust by telling about who they are. Further navigation options offer more information on the company. The main navigation is nestled in the upper right-hand corner out of the way.

5. J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan has designed their website to pull user attention to their menu with their secondary menu in the upper right-hand corner in a smaller font. They use the next part of their website, the news section, to position themselves as someone knowledgeable in the industry.


For such a minimal site, it does load a little slow for users on limited connections. Even though the site is a little on the slow side, it offers a lot of value and builds trust with the visitor instantly.

6. Janus Henderson

This website has been designed to pick up on your location, so it shows you the correct site right away. The design is a little darker which has shown to convey a serious tone. The copy flows well and provides value to the visitor.


With only three options, the main menu is very simple and is designed to help people with different needs find the right parts of the site.

Key Elements Your Website Must Have

After review the above information on these impressive finance sites, we are sure that you can see some common themes. There are key elements your website needs to get the results that you want. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • Intuitive Navigation – Like all of the websites we reviewed above, your website needs to be easy to navigate. Intuitive navigation will allow your visitors to find what they want quickly and easily. Make sure your content is arranged well, so visitors are glad they landed on your website.
  • Mobile-friendly Design – If your website can’t adapt and serve mobile users, you need to step into this century. Not only does a non-responsive website provide a bad user experience, but search engines like Google favor sites that are mobile-friendly.
  • Design Elements That Mean Something – If you’ve ever visited a website that had random imagery and links seemed to be out of place, you know how confusing and frustrating that can be. Make sure all of your design elements have a meaningful function or get rid of them.
  • Insight – Visitors come to your website to get your expert opinion on complex topics. Don’t put fluff content on your website in hopes of provoking a call out of pure confusion. Nowadays you need to win trust by showing your knowledge and authority on the topic before potential clients want to reach out to your company.


Look over your website and see if you are following the most important design guidelines. If your site is lacking in any of these areas, you could be missing out on the ability to influence potential customers to do business with you.

Feel Like Your Website is Less Than Impressive?

There are plenty of finance websites online with less than beautiful designs. While that might work for other websites, you know you want to up your design game.


You may not even have a website online yet, but want to figure out to get started. If you want to learn how to start a blog, read our article to fully understand the topic.


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