What Should You Have on Your Dropshipping Website?

If you’ve been considering starting your own business, then you’ve undoubtedly come across and may be considering dropshipping as a business option. The concept of dropshipping is fairly simple. Although it does take work and dedication just like any other business, as you learn how to make dropshipping a business, it almost seems like a no-brainer. From how easy and affordable it is to start to how easy it is to manage and grow, a dropshipping business offers owners a lot of benefits. Plus, with ecommerce being a $2,304 billion industry that is only expected to grow each year, dropshipping comes with a lot of opportunities and plenty of potential income.


Once you’ve decided that dropshipping is for you, your biggest priorities are finding a trustworthy supplier and building a solid website—you may not be quite sure what needs to go on your website to optimize it and make the most of your business, though. If you’re in the process of building your website or are ready to revamp the site you’ve been using, you’ll want to make sure that you include the items below.


The Products You Sell (of Course)


Naturally, one of the most important things to put on your website is the product or products that you are selling. They should be arranged on a page that is easy to find, easy to navigate, easy to search, and easy to browse. If your products are arranged without rhyme or reason, it will be more difficult for potential customers to see what you have, and they may end up shopping somewhere else. You’ll also want to ensure that all photos you post are high-quality so that customers know what they’re seeing is what they’ll be getting.


A Simple, Bug-Free Shopping Cart


Your shopping cart is one of the most important aspects of your site, along with your products. It should be as easy to use and bug-free as possible. If customers start running into issues during checkout, they may end up abandoning the purchase altogether. The top reasons that customers abandon shopping carts include long and confusing checkout and being required to create a user account. Keeping your shopping cart as simple and bug-free as possible is important.


Reviews and Testimonials of Your Business or Products


Although you don’t need to display reviews and testimonials on your site, you’ll give your business a boost if you do. According to research, 57 percent of consumers feel that online reading online reviews before making a purchase is very or extremely important. By displaying reviews and testimonials on your site, you can build up trust and confidence with your customers and potentially increase purchases.




Customers always have questions about products, shipping, and return policies. When you set up your site, creating an FAQ page that answers all of the frequently asked questions you can think of is a good idea. Instead of answering the question, “What shipping options are available?”, or “Do you accept American Express?” over and over, you can refer customers to the FAQ page.


A Quality Blog


A blog is a great tool. It can be used to educate clients, drive traffic to your site, and boost your SEO. Although you might not think that a blog is a dropshipping website necessity, it’s a good idea to maintain a quality blog where you can educate clients about the products you sell, answer questions, and so much more, all that will help you draw in traffic and, (hopefully), business.


An Attractive, Functional Layout


Your website’s layout and functionality matter a lot more than you might think. Today, customers expect an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, fully functioning website that they can easily navigate whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile. Some elements of a good website include plenty of white space, large enough text, and high-quality images. Don’t rush and throw things together, take the time to go over the layout and make sure it’s as good as it can be.


Security Measures (and Their Icons)


In 2016 alone, there were nearly four million complaints made to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), 42 percent of which were related to fraud, and 13 percent of which were related to identity theft. As data breaches and identity theft have gone up, so has the suspicion and caution of consumers. This means that it is imperative that you implement security measures on your site to help protect their personal and sensitive information. Not only should you be installing security measures but putting the icons of the securities you have in place on your site can help put consumers at ease and make them feel more comfortable purchasing from you.


In Conclusion


When you run a dropshipping business, your website is perhaps one of the most important aspects of your company and is something you should focus on. By including elements like those above, you can ensure that your website is top-notch and fully-functioning, making it that much easier and more enticing for consumers to purchase from you.


What aspect of your dropshipping website do you plan to focus on?

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