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7 Tips for a FAQ Page That Creates Customer Connections

Ready to turn your FAQ page into guaranteed customer conversions?

Having a Frequently Asked Questions page on your website is a powerful way to demonstrate your credibility as a business.

It gives customers the answers and transparency they need so that they don’t have to reach for the phone to be convinced–they’ll want to buy your product or service immediately.

You can amp up the capacity of your FAQ page to earn more sales and customers by keeping several key things in mind. Read on to learn more about how to you can start building your conversion base and ROI today with this page.

  1. Incorporate Questions That Are Actually Often Asked

This is the most important thing when it comes to creating an FAQ tab that really delivers. Customers should feel that they are getting their specific questions answered when they navigate to this page.

If you aren’t sure what questions are frequently asked of your company, ask existing customers! It’s always productive to do surveys with your existing customer base.

Also, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and keep your customer at the forefront when you are writing any content on your website.

If you were going to purchase your business’s app, for example, what would you want to know? Identify common issues that may come up with user experience and build these into the questions you incorporate.

The questions on the FAQ page should be relevant, timely, and consistent. Make sure you also incorporate a section of the page that can direct visitors to a number or contact form to resolve questions that aren’t directly answered on the tab itself.

Lastly, incorporate a place for users to rate their experience of the FAQ page. This could be in the form of a simple pop-up or survey link and will give you concrete evidence of how useful the questions are.

  1. Be Organized and Coherent

Whether you are providing information about a credit card service or The Recovery Village, nothing turns a potential customer away from a website quicker than a poorly organized FAQ tab.

If the information on this page is disorganized, out of order, and incoherent, this will immediately reflect poorly on your business. Visitors are likely to go to another website or leave yours feeling confused and misled.

Choose the same format for questions and answers on the page. Make questions visually larger than answers, and make sure paragraphs are justified. Be careful of having huge blocks of text.

Proofread the answers you write to make sure they flow logically and sound good. Make sure that the answers actually answer the questions!

  1. Don’t Go Overboard and Don’t Market

It is definitely possible to have an FAQ tab that is too long and dense. You don’t want to overdo it with the information. Having too many questions and answers on your page will likely overwhelm your visitor and may even indicate that you aren’t a credible business.

Keep it to ten questions max. Make sure answers are concise and productive. You don’t want too little information, but you don’t want your customers scrolling and scrolling to try to find what they need.

Also, avoid any marketing language in the answers. Customers will be navigating to this page to get the information they need, not to be sales-talked.

  1. Avoid Redundancy

Your FAQ page can quickly become a headache to visitors if it repeats the same ideas and information over and over in different words.

Redundancy often happens as a result of poorly chosen questions, or a need to “prove” a certain point. If you find yourself becoming a little repetitive in your answers, cut some of the questions. Each question should be distinct.

Also, try to use shorter sentences in general. Longer sentences in explanations can bore a reader and even cloud over the actual answer. The less redundant and wordy you are, the more likely your reader is to stick with you and get the information they need.

  1. Use Visuals and Infographics

Visual information is quickly becoming the most competitive way to convey data to customers and even get more conversions. Infographics are a hugely successful addition to most websites that communicate how-tos or product descriptions to their visitors.

Keep this in mind when designing your FAQ page. While infographics may not completely suit your product or service, use simpler visuals that can make your Q and A easier on the eyes.

For example, set questions in bold and in a larger font (but not too big). Use bullets for answers or italicize key aspects of explanations. Incorporate icons and images that may be relevant, and use white space between questions and answers to make your page more readable.

The more visually appealing your FAQ tab, the more likely it is to impress a visitor and keep them along for the conversion ride.

  1. Keep it Simple

At the end of the day, the simpler your Q and A page, the better! Most users don’t have time to read through lengthy explanations or scroll to the bottom of a long page. Make sure all answers and questions are to the point and brief.

When choosing your questions, choose simple, clear, and straightforward ones that can be easily articulated. No need to throw in any questions that only a few more advanced customers might ask.

Your answers should be short paragraphs. If you are listing things, use bullets.

  1. Make it Searchable

Visitors to your FAQ page should be able to search through it for keywords or phrases, particularly if your page is on the longer side.

Make it searchable so that users can quickly access what they need. User experience of your website is a huge factor in converting visitors into paying (and staying) customers.

Maximizing The Power of Your FAQ Page

The Frequently Asked Questions page of your website is a powerful tool that is often overlooked by business owners and marketers. It presents an excellent opportunity to engage with your customers simply by having them visit your website.

When working on your web design, make sure to include an FAQ page that is visually accessible to your visitors. Use infographics and bolded titles so that visitors can quickly get the information they need. Be organized with your information and always cater to your customer–this will maximize user experience and lead to more conversions.

If you have experience turning your FAQ page into a conversion tool, share a comment below!


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