Websites of the Week: Interactive Maps

This week we’re bringing the world to you! With huge advances in mapping technology and data visualization especially from Google’s initiative, more websites and apps are fusing creative ways of using interactive maps to display information.

With the ability to provide directions, showcase satellite/aerial imagery, and even track overland in real-time, we are able to transcend virtual borders with a click of a mouse.

Today, we’ve collected some inspiring sites that uses maps in creative ways.


inspiration-interactive maps| Jauntful

Jauntful helps you create and share personal printable guides of your favorite travel tips—restaurants, activities, personal notes—anything your friends should know about the cities you love. Just enter the venues and any personal notes you like, and check out some beautiful guides you can print or carry with you.


inspiration-interactive maps|BikeMaps

BikeMaps’ goal is to map your cycling experience to make biking safer. The community keys in all the data, from cycling safety, hazards, and even bike thefts. Enhance your biking experience.

Swedish Church Map Project

inspiration-interactive maps| Svenska kyrkans Internationella arbete

This map project helps strengthen people’s capacity to change through education, prenatal care, small savings, climate- adapted agriculture and disaster relief.  Great use of technology that increases social good.

GOOD | Wanderlust

inspiration-interactive maps|GOOD

A collaboration between GOOD and Graham Roberts, Wanderlust is a mapping project that highlights history’s most monumental journeys in exploration. From Magellan to Keruoac, chart out famous routes in this superbly informative interactive map

50 Problems 50 Days

inspiration-interactive maps|Solve 50 problems in 50 days

Created by Peter Smart, 50 Problems 50 Days explores the limits of design’s ability to solve social problems, big and small. With the help of 12 of Europe’s top design firms, he attempts to solve 50 problems in 50 days using design.

The Music Map

inspiration-interactive maps|Map | Best of British

The Music Map project displays all of the artists that have been featured on Best of British Unsigned; a one hour radio show that is played weekly on 80 commercial radio stations around the world. Learn about bands and their music through this interactive map

Free Vector Maps

inspiration-interactive maps|Free Vector Maps | Royalty-Free Vector Maps

With Google Maps being the default map system for graphics and UI, Free Vector Maps is a growing library of highly detailed maps created specifically for designers. All maps are royalty free

Got inspiration?

Websites of the Week (WOW) is our weekly roundup post showcasing some of the coolest, most inspirational sites ever created. We seek out sites that have fresh ideas which do an exceptional job in marrying design and tech. If you have or know of such a site, send them our way using our contact form!

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