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There are some situations where one doesn’t have the necessary resources to hire a professional developer to create a web design project. You can find yourself in this situation even if you are a professional designer. For example graphic designers may not be that familiar with working with Flash or an e-Commerce platform.

Free Website Builders Reviews

There’s quite a number of website builders from every category available and many of them are good and intuitive. Finding the right one for your project should be hard, then, right ? Well not quite. offers a great service of comparing different website builders, making it really easy to find what you are looking for. They gathered all the free website builders and website templates with new ones added every week, so you  will have everything in order to create your site for free.

The reviews are very detailed and include lots of screenshots, examples and technical information.

The website also includes an extended list of premade website templates that can be used with the above mentioned website builders. This feature can help you develop you project even faster by choosing a premade template and modifying it to suit your needs. The templates are organized in categories such as : artist website templates, blog templates, business templates and much more.

Website Templates

There is also a section that some users might find very interesting, and that is the free web hosting section. At the beginning of my design endeavor, long before CrazyLeaf was established (before 2000) I remember I used such a service to host my website and I remember searching for a proper free web host for a long time. Such a free web hosting reviews service that offers would have been very useful back then.

Conclusion is a great and extensive resources for everybidy that is looking for a website builder and we recommend it.

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