A Blast from the Past: 20 Classic and Vintage Ads Showcase

With the times and demands continuously shifting, every industry or business is trying its best to cope with the competition and be noticed by their target market. This is why advertising has also grown and evolved from the classic types to the modern and hip ones being shown today. As this vintage ads showcase points out, the elegance and beauty of old print advertisements is very hard to match nowadays.

20 Vintage Advertisements

However for brands that have already been around for years, you would notice how the advertisements of these companies joined the tides of change, needs, and growth. If you can have a look back on how famous and trusted products marketed their offers, you can see the big leap that these names have done to be noticed and gain the buying skills of the public. You would also be amazed on how powerful and artistic advertising can be for people to trust the brands.

And since it will be great to have a memory of what promotions were all about in the past, here are 20 vintage and timeless advertisements of popular businesses:

1950s PEPSODENT Toothpaste VINTAGE advertisement Pinup Girl Woman Blonde Beach Model Swimsuit

Pepsodent, 1950 ^

Chrysler Vintage Ad

Chrysler, 1960 ^

1950s LUCKY STRIKE woman Pinup Girl illustration Cigarettes Vintage Advertisement Smoking

Lucky Strike, 1950 ^

1950s FROSTED FLAKES Kelloggs Vintage Advertisement Illustration

Kellog’s Frosted Flakes, 1950 ^

1965 Revlon Cosmetics Woman Model Fashion Beauty Vintage Advertisement 1960s Updo Bouffant Hairdo

Revlon, 1965 ^

Cool Kid Vintage Ad

Kool-Aid Drink Mix, 1962 ^

Vintage Advertisement

Pepsi Cola, 1959 ^

Kotex Vintage Ad

Kotex, 1953 ^

1940s BABY RUTH Candy Bar Vintage Illustration Advertisement

Baby Ruth Candy Bar, 1940 ^

1970s Binney and Smith Crayola Crayons Vintage Advertisement

Binney and Smith Crayola Crayons, 1970 ^

Samsonite Vintage Ad

Samsonite, 1950 ^

Little Tikes Vintage Ad

Little Tikes, 1977 ^

Jell-o Vintage Ad

Jell-O, 1954 ^

1958--Scripto satellite

Scripto, 1958 ^

Maybelline Vintage Ad

Maybelline, 1949 ^

"First, You Need Peas . . . . "

Del Monte Peas, 1953 ^

Libby’s Peaches Vintage Ad

Libby’s Peaches, 1951 ^

1954 Philip Morris snow by Edwin Georgi

Philip Morris, 1954 ^

Budwiser Vintage Ad

Budweiser, 1940 ^

Kodak Vintage Ad

Kodak, 1950 ^

With these amazing and remarkable vintage advertisements, you can already have a glimpse of what it was like living in those years. You might even be inspired to think about the difference between marketing before and what’s happening now. This could be an exciting thing to do. Just always remember that as the times change, even businesses would need to learn how they could stay in the game and lives of everyone.

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