Top 7 Mobile Design Trends That Will Shape 2015

The mobile UI industry keeps changing with each passing day. Last year saw a significant rise in minimalism, which strips off stylistic elements like gradients, textures, and rounded corners to give way for ‘flat design’.

Inspired through the growing trend of the OSes, namely Microsoft’s Metro and Apple’s iOS 7, the concept of “less is more” quickly became the style in which we’ll continue to see more of in 2015. With the importance of ‘responsive design’ attributed to web design, designers are using the minimalist concept more than ever as styles like drop shadows and textures don’t fit well when displayed on various screen sizes and certain browsers.

Expect to see mobile design trends that include swipe and layered menus, material design, subtle colors, and above all, a focus on usability, speed, and user experience. As we cross deeper into 2015, it’s important to see where mobile UI designs are going and how we get on board.

1. Embrace Minimalism

mobile design_3

As mentioned before, 2015 will see more of the ‘flat’ and various forms of this. Although the concept emerged years before, it truly picked up in the past 2 years as people began to realize the virtues of focusing on content by eliminating stylistics. By keeping mobile designs simple, focused, and clean, flat design will surely become mature and ubiquitous.

2. Emphasis On Material Design

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Back in June 2014, Google came up with an entirely new visual language that combines the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of science and tech. Material design allows UI designers to come up with better designs keeping in view the needs and usability of users. Using this design, a better mobile browsing could be supported by enhancing both visual and emotional experience. The overall design system creates a harmony between interactions and space. Also, its bold design helps you develop focus and hierarchy.

3. Wearables Begin to Unroll

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The mobile world is gearing up to enter an entirely new phase this year with the introduction of cool wearable devices. Although Google stopped producing the Google glass, development hasn’t stopped and more of its technology will find its way into other areas. With the recent release of Sony’s SmartWatch, and the rising excitement from the Apple watch, 2015 will truly be a time for wearables.

4. The Rise of Angular UI

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Presently, AngularJs, EmberJS, and Backbone are the leaders of SPA frameworks. Three of them are used frequently for building real-world applications. However, out of three, AngularJS is more productive, packaged with a great deal of features for developing robust SPA apps. IMHO, which utilizes MVC framework isn’t a good idea as MVC doesn’t scale well when it comes to larger front-end apps.  Currently, MVC is being for both server-side and client-side work which isn’t a beneficial practice.

5. Blur Effect

mobile design_6

The blur effect is a process wherein certain layers within the UI of an application are kept blurred. It’s a logical way of keeping the design minimal while emphasizing the content, thus creating a beautiful hierarchy of different elements and interface. It’s a perfect solution for those who love minimalism in design. We assume that blur effects will gain the ground even more this year.

6. The Significance of Details

There are times when small and subtle details on an app defines its true worth of how well it’s being designed. We have come to an entirely new age of interface, part of which is focused on user and their experience. By this we mean that UI designers will design more interactive interfaces which will make interactions as efficient as possible.

7. The Growth of Screen-agnostic Experience

mobile design_7

Smooth and a flawless context transfer across devices will be the new big app feature. The year 2015 will witness the upcoming of apps that will enhance the user experience, living across multiple endpoints- from wearables to phones, and web applications. This beautiful move from one device to another is something that will have a major benefit especially when it comes to user experience with multiple devices.

There are much to see and expect this year with the trends above. As forecasted, for mobile design industry is heading to greener pastures this year. Cutting back from unnecessary elements, designers are focusing more on interactions, user experience, and access to options that will save our precious time and make our lives easier.

This is a contributed from Addison Cohen, an application developer for Appsted Ltd, which is the leading iPhone development company . He provides concrete information on latest technologies like iOS, Android mobile apps development. 

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