Top 3 Innovative Web Designs in 2018

Web design is a fluid industry. In other words, what web design trends were popular in years past may not be the right trends to follow in order to capture today’s audiences. There are many aspects to web design that can make or break a website, and being up to date on the current trends is essential in producing a clean, functional website that people want to visit.


Here’s our top three picks for innovative web design trends in 2018.

1. Web animation

Animation has really come full circle in the web design world. Back when we first started making web pages in the 90s it was all about the animations; actually, too much about the animations! It wasn’t uncommon to browse websites and be bombarded with animated text and flashing GIFs, just because the technology was so shiny back then. These days, animations have again become a big player in the web design world.


As designers are now able to produce stylish animations that can convey complex ideas to the audience. According to The Web Ally, a popular web design company in Malta, incorporating animations into your website can help you to avoid the traps that most new designers and website owners tend to fall into. By adding tasteful, animated GIFs to your website, you are taking advantage of the technological improvements we’ve had since we first started designing websites.

2. Inventive typography

If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for great looking typography. Typography is the art of words. Think of it like a really involved font choosing process. Sans serif fonts like Helvetica and Arial are very popular due to their sharpness and are considered classic fonts, but there are so many more out there. With the improvement of our device resolutions, font legibility is increasing, even on our smartphones. Sharp, blocky colors can enhance the readability of your copy, so by incorporating an aesthetically pleasing typeface into your website design, you are truly creating art from words.

3. Artificial intelligence

The AI isn’t just an out of this world concept anymore. In fact, AI is a huge part of modern web design these days. You probably haven’t even noticed it, and that’s the point. When you browse websites that provide a service, you’re often presented with a chat bubble that offers to provide instant answers to your questions. These chats bots are a version of AI that works in a similar vein to how your Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri work. These technologies are able to help direct you to the right place without any help from a real person, which can bring down costs and also provide direct assistance to users.


These things will help you to become an innovative web designer, whether you’re designing your first website or you’re a seasoned professional web designer, you need to be familiar with the ever-changing web design trends. These trends are popular for a reason and can bring extra usability to your website. Using these trends will ensure that you provide your users with a clean, interesting website interface.


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