Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know About

Business is digital. An understanding of the web is essential to success.

After all, digital marketing is an incredibly valuable industry. Between now and 2021, expect $120 billion to be spent.

Here’s the deal: if you aren’t on top of things, your brand will fall apart. This makes it essential for a person to know the latest digital marketing trends and how to relate to them.


Luckily, we’re here to help. If you want to stay on top of digital marketing, follow these ten tips.

App Development Is Driving Digital Marketing Trends

We all know that mobile browsing is a vital part of a company’s digital presence. With more people accessing the web from phones and tablets than desktops, this is becoming more important than ever.

Your site needs to be mobile friendly. But to go above and beyond, you’ll need to turn an eye to app development.

Mobile apps serve several valuable purposes. But for the sake of marketing, brand development is one of the most essential. It’s a fact that with a focus on apps, you can develop a more effective mobile extension of your brand than with a mobile-friendly site.

This doesn’t mean your website doesn’t matter. But it does mean that you need both.

The Internet Of Things Will Not Slow Down

Internet of Things may seem like a buzz word. But it’s becoming so much more.

The fact remains that people aren’t just accessing the web from their computers, smartphones, and tablets anymore. Now, they’re focused on everything from smart TVs to dishwashers.

Consider ways to get your brand involved. Particularly consider how you can connect your video marketing to smart television apps.

More Specific SEO Keywords

We’ve talked about the importance of building more cost-effective SEO. But one of the most important SEO tricks that your business should focus on is more specific SEO.

With research playing a growing role in digital marketing trends, we need to focus on building a more specified presence.

Keyword research is making this easier than ever. Instead of having to make a post about mesothelioma, we can make a post about mesothelioma of peritoneum.

The ability to do this is an innovation that’s changing digital marketing for the better.

Faster Load Times Are Essential

All digital marketing trends are based around keeping your customers interested. You target keywords that people are looking for and produce content that people will absorb.

But one of the biggest ways to lose the interests of your customers is with slow website load times. With key brands like Google instituting SEO penalties for slow sites, there’s a need to stay fast.

Your customers can lose interest quickly. Long load times only make that worse.

Social Media And Target Customers

Social media is making it easier than ever to find our target customers. In 2018, this is going to be a vital point of strategy.

Being able to build the perfect advertisement for your target customer changes things. But it also involves a lot of work.

Researching your target customer is essential to taking advantage of the digital marketing trends we have access to today.

Influencer Marketing Is Vital

Influencer marketing is one of the essential digital marketing trends out there. It refers to finding influential and innovative users of a social media platform and working with them to promote your brand.

Unlike other forms of marketing, this one requires a high-quality product. After all, influencers put their reputations on the line when promoting a brand. They won’t waste their time working with companies that damage their effectiveness as influencers.

Otherwise, this has been one of the most important forces in marketing from LinkedIn to Instagram.

Public Relations And Consumer Interaction

Social media is a place for discussion. This makes it a vital platform for a company to engage in good PR work.

Your online reputation is dependent upon a positive presence on these platforms. But having a positive presence doesn’t just mean being there.

It means being active.

When people have something negative to say about your brand, you can’t dig your head in the sand. In fact, most digital marketing trends are becoming dependent upon the fact that your reputation matters.

Instead, work with customers to address their grievances. This will turn complaints into opportunities to improve your reputation.

Local SEO and Google My Business

Local SEO is one of the most important digital marketing trends out there. After all, it makes it possible for local businesses to have a positive and informative engagement with their customer base.

The only way to properly take advantage of local SEO is to make sure you have an accurate and informative Google My Business listing.

Without this, your entire operation can fall apart.

Don’t Be “In-Your-Face”

Most digital marketing trends are shying away from the “in-your-face” style that used to dominate the industry. Things like pop-ups and even push notifications are becoming major annoyances among a generation that wants to be left alone.

Focus on attracting your target audience more subtly. Techniques like remarketing and even e-mail marketing are effective if used sparingly.

At the same time, they can’t go too far. Sending your customers an unsolicited e-mail each day, for instance, is a way to destroy your marketing efforts.

Video Is King

Blogging is still an important part of your content creation strategy. But as an online entrepreneur, you need to recognize the importance of video content in developing an engaged customer base.

Customers are more receptive to video now than ever before. Both YouTube advertisements and regular on-site video content are important digital marketing trends for your business.

Get Marketing Tips And Web Design Help

Marketing can be a difficult task. If you need to learn about the newest trends and how to harness them, we can help. Read our blog to learn more.

On top of that, we also provide detailed assistance in the area of web design. If you’re interested in exploring the connection between a good website and a well-marketed brand, contact us today.


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