The Top 6 Things that Every Successful Website Should Have

In 2019, websites are the number one way to spread information, advertise, and entertain. It is important for you to create a website that attracts people to it and keeps them on it for extended periods of time.


This is sometimes easier said than done, especially in a world where the attention span is generally very short. For this reason, web design has never been a more important skill to have.


You do not have to be a professional web designer to run a successful website. In fact, if your website has these six things, it will be successful in its goal, whether that be to advertise or entertain. Of course, the tendencies are shifting from time to time, so it’s crucial to keep yourself informed. The easiest way to find the most useful information is to follow sites like Website Advisor for the broader picture of the niche.


Let’s get back to 6 things that are necessary for a successful website.


  1. A Simple but Pleasing Layout


While you may feel inclined to go for a bright and colorful layout to spark interest, it is actually a better idea to keep it simple on your home page. A clean and simple layout is easy on the eyes and more easily digested by the viewers.


Using a web design company like PWD Web Design can be very beneficial. Professional agencies such as PWD will know exactly the aesthetic that viewers are likely to enjoy, ensuring a successful website.


  1. Helpful Links


Boost traffic to your website by creating links inside of the site and links that lead to your website from other places. For example, start by creating a guest post with a link back to your own website. This is a great way to increase your traffic.


You can also consult with a website designer on the best and most natural ways possible to create inbound and outbound links.


  1. Regular New Content


No one is going to continue visiting a website that has not been updated in months, and a website like this will not be showing up on the first page of search results. That’s why it is important to keep posting content regularly.


Your visitors will start to expect new content on certain days, so ensure that you set a pace for yourself and pre-assign content for upcoming days that you need to post on.


  1. Social Media Integration


The most effective mode of communication in this generation is social media, and there is no better way to increase website views than by networking on social media.


Social media integration is another way to home in on a local audience. For example, if you’re seeking web design in Perth, the agency you opt for will be able to make your social media posts pop up on the feeds of potential customers in Perth. When your website integrates with your social media, it’s another way of pulling in customers from a different platform outside the site itself.



  1. Mobile Compatibility


Most of your potential viewers will be viewing your website on their mobile device, so make sure that they are able to easily do so!


Ensure that the format and ease of access on your site is just as effective when the viewer is visiting your website on their phone, and you will find that your website will get a lot more traffic this way.


  1. An About Page


Whatever your website is for, your visitors will want to know exactly who the creator is and, if it is a company, what the company does and for how long they have done it.


Including an about page will turn your website from an unknown and unprofessional business to a welcoming and reliable company that has been around for forty years. About pages can make all the difference to your customers.


Whether you own a business and are looking to expand or have a lot of opinions and ideas that could benefit others, creating a website is likely the best way to spread the word.


With these top six things that every successful website should have, you will find that your website will have more viewers than ever.

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