The tools that Designers are using to improve their design projects

There has been new inventions that has come to the market revolutionizing the world changing how we do our daily tasks. Today’s technology has allowed for designers to create fascinating gadgets for every man and women of all ages to use. This has changed the way we teach and even the way we transport ourselves from one place to another when we think we have seen it all we are surprised once more with something more advanced than the one before it. With all these state of the art technology anything is possible mankind has been dreaming of this rise of technology for more than a 100 years.The new age designers are even using more advance resources that continue to make all this possible.

As time goes by we will see more advancement everything from a new version of the Iphone to a better and faster automobile. Its believed that this is just the beginning there’s nowhere else to go but up and with these advancements we should be seeing flying cars soon it’s just a matter of time. The design industry has opened the doors for better possibilities are we ready to see this new era or new age?  All the evidence in history has shown us that man has been ready for this all of our existence since the first time man discovered fire

When designing, designers have different tools and resources that they rely on to get the job done and bring to you the next iphone or even a more advanced software to do your taxes or even write you next book reports.

In this article we will show you 4 amazing design resources that is changing the way we do things as we speak.

PhotoShop and Sketch Chat UI kit

To understand this design resource we have to find out what a UI kit is, which is a kit to design mobile apps, The UI kit specifically are fully designed UI interfaces that you can download it for you phone. PhotoShop and Sketch Chat UI Kit gives you the tools to design Mobile Chat Application for your phone it provides the interface or helps you build the interface for these applications.


You guessed it a database for screen sizes brought to you from the people at Type Code they are a design studio behind googles current apps. This database allows you to view the screen sizes of popular devices such as Monitors, Smartphones, tablets and laptops screen sizes by dimension, physical size and pixel density. The great thing about this service is that it is free and you are able to also order by demand right from their website. If you are looking for this type of service I highly recommend this service.

Creative Market Modern Invoice

Do you run a business and need to create invoices Creative Market has a modern Invoice templates that allows you to do just that. These invoices comes with many features which allows you to change the letter size, offers with bleed and trim mark. You can even convert it in different formats such as AI,EPS,PSD,DOC,DOCX and the documents will be ready to print on demand. The user would be able to edit the text of the invoice at their liking and it comes with 4 different colours.

This website is a collection of free Vector images, logo and PSD graphics the vector image is very popular on this website and what is vector images you may ask? Well they are images that mapped out  mathematically rather than Pixel- Based, PhotoShop can even make use of them with both formats (Mathematically) and Pixel based (Rastar). With Vector images they can be resizable and it configures itself everything found on this website is distributed as freeware.

Below there’s an image. Notice in the HTML code the way it should be formatted : with a title tag and alt tag. Also the image must be situated in the “images” directory and the name of the file should be relevant to the article. The width should be 600px and the height can have any value.



Those were 4 design resources that has changed how designers design their applications and as this industry is growing do not be surprised to see more of these websites popping up. They have surely made it easy  for the user to personalize there phones or apps or even their invoices.If these options do not work for you there are many other options that can definitely fit your needs. As we dig deeper into these type of services you will find a wider vast world of information and tools and as for 2018 we will see more of these outstanding tools to improve the designer world. I believe that by using these services you would not regret your decision I hope that this article was informative and use full please if you feel that there was something else that I am missing fill free to leave me a comment and I encourage to read more articles about this subject.

Written by David Henriquez


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