The Camerette Collection by Florense

Driven into developing a versatile, flexible, laid back and informal line of wardrobes with a distinguished aesthetic appeal, that allow the creation of diverse projects for the most varied lifestyles, Brazilian furniture maker Florense unveils the Camerette collection – cabinetry for changing, adding and accompanying the owner’s life evolution, always expressing high quality and style.

The photography was made by Italian photographer Federico Cedrone, and the settings were designed by Brazilian architect Henrique Steyer, from Albus Design.

To cater to a wide array of consumers, Henrique created five environments with completely different styles, tied by two basic symbologies: the door, representing the opportunities the future brings, and objects of desire that are key aspects of the youth’s imaginary, such as the automobile, the wedding dress, the motorcycle, and so on. Thus, working with the repetition of these elements, the photo set reaches out to different crowds.


A setting that expresses the lifestyle of the young adults who enjoy sports. Ideal for those who are fueled by adrenaline. The main features are the 1968 Mustang and the gym equipment.


A closer look into the past brings forth forgotten beauties in new clothes. Notable articles in this setting include the dressing room, fit for a Hollywood star and a Cadillac painted on matching colors with the walls.


Dedicated to those who consider freedom their most prized treasure, brings for inspiration a Harley Davidson motorcycle and a comfortable home theater.


The classic is immortal and fits like a glove for those who believe that tradition never goes out of fashion. The high points are the magnificent wedding dress and the bed with golden canopy.


For the ones that think that the best of life is in the calm breeze that blows from the sea. A striking sand dune occupies part of this room, which also features a surfboard collection designed by Heloísa Crocco.

The Camerette collection was designed by Florense’s Engineering and Project Team. Ad agency Quadrante Sul created the collection motto and designed the catalog, and digital agency Perverte made an exclusive hotsite in Florense’s website, where the result of this work can be seen. All this work was coordinated by Florense’s Marketing Team, balancing market demand, product design, construction technology, communication and distribution.

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Written by feliperijo

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