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I have always considered tattoo designs and graphic design closely related. It’s a pretty safe bet to make that a great tattoo artist is a good graphic designer and vice-versa.

Having a tattoo represents for most people a symbol of something that happened in their live. Good or bad, it’s something they like to keep with them at all time and even be a part of them.

For some people  permanent tattoos have the problem of being “permanent” sort of speak. But there’s a solution for this problem in the form of temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos offer the same advantages as permanent ones without the distinct advantage of being able to remove them agreed

Tattoo Fashion

Tattoo Fashion offers an extensive collection of temporary tattoos to choose from divided into multiple categories. There are animal tattoos, band tattoos, cool celebrity tattoos, celtic, chinese, clubbing tattoos, flag tattoos, fairy, maori, olympic tattoos, star, tribal and even holiday tattoos (such as Christmas, Halloween or Valentine’s Day themed tattoos).

The tattoos are also categorized by the body part  they’re applied on, making easier for you to choose one.

So how does it work ?

It’s pretty simple really, you just browse Tattoo Fashion’s extensive catalog, choose a minimum of 5 tattoo designs, make the payment and they’re sent to you wherever  you are in the world using free delivery.

How to apply the tattoo

  1. Wash and dry your skin. The tattoo will last longer the dryer and cleaner your skin is. Any oils, lotions or wetness will affect how firmly a tattoo will fix to your skin.
  2. Shaving is also recommended if the area is at all hairy.
  3. A little help from a friend is suggested, particularly if your tattoo is being applied to an awkward area. Stretching or twisting the skin may distort the tattoo or damage the quality of the image on you skin, so ask a mate to do it for you.
  4. Remove the transparent film which backs the temporary tattoo and place it face down on the skin.
  5. Wet the tattoo with a damp cloth. The back of the tattoo (facing up) needs to be dampened. It is important the tattoo is wet through but not soaked. This enhances the tattoo’s durability and will make it last even longer.
  6. Hold the cloth down over the tattoo for 20 – 30 seconds and wait while the image transfers onto your skin. Don’t Rush!
  7. Lift the corner first and have a peek. The tattoo will be transferring, so carefully lift the backing off the skin.
  8. To remove the excess glue and see your new tattoo clearly wipe the area over with warm water..

Details about the tattoos

The tattoos applied properly like shown above can last between 2 to 8 days enough for any occasion you will be attending and want to attract some attention.

Removing the tattoo is fairly simple, just wash it with baby oil or any alcohol based cleaner.

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