Succinct Ideas on Creating Your Own Website

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The bestselling author Stephen Covey once said that “Everything is created twice: first, in the mind, then in reality,” and he may be right, for in our most noteworthy endeavors, we follow this same process when creating something. First, we visualize and plan every detail of our project; afterwards, we try to set the plan into action. Of course, the first creation—the mental creation—should be well-thought-of to create it well in reality.

Similarly, if you are going to create a website, you need to set things up right at the onset by planning its details. Once you have mentally visualized your web design, then you can actualize that design in reality. If you are a businessman, for example, who knows nothing about professional web design, your first instinct would be to consider your options. At the onset, you only have three options:

  1. You can study web design, and once you are good enough you can design your site.
  2. You can hire a professional web designer for a fee.
  3. You can avail yourself of easy-to-use free hosting services like Wix, WordPress, Weebly, and even Google Sites to fashion your own website, even if you don’t have knowledge of HTML or CSS coding.


Characteristics of an Effective Website

Good website design is characterized by quality appearance, substantial content, awesome functionality and usability, and good SEO. Without one or two of these characteristics, it would be doubtful if your site will truly serve your business online  well.

Appearance Creates a Good First Impression

The appearance of your website creates the first impression of your business, and if first impressions last, then it should be good. A landing page with awesome infographics that readily tantalize the eyes will surely hold the attention of visitors, enjoining them to linger longer on your site. Once they are in, it is basically up to you to turn these casual visitors into actual clients.

Quality Content is Imperative

After Google had rolled out lots of updates in the first decade of this century, the trend in search engine optimization shifted to quality content. Content became the primary determining factor for ranking. Quality content builds quality links and starts the onrush of link juice to your site.

Functionality is Essential

Even if you have awesome infographics and quality content, if your website is defective or has broken components you will not draw potential clients to your site. Those who happen to reach your landing page will not linger long. Hence, everything should work seamlessly on your site, including hyperlinks, event registration, and contact forms.

Your Website Should be Very Usable

One of the most critical components of a professional website is its usability. This means your site should be easy to navigate, understandable even to the simple and naive users, fast loading, and with a consistent feel or layout. In a way, you should tailor your design to be user-friendly.

Highly Optimized Website

As an owner of a business website, it is imperative that you have a working knowledge of SEO. SEO can catapult your website to the top ranking of the SERP and provide your website with high visibility. Lastly, ranking high has its own concomitant perks, like increase viewership, more potential clients, and even further increases in ranking.

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