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Have you ever sent a newsletter ? If the answer is yes, then probably you have searched at least once for a good and beautiful newsletter template to represent your website as good as possible.

Well, since April your searches just got a lot easier, because, starting April 10th, Stamplia got launched. Stamplia is the first marketplace dedicated to newsletter templates. The launch was made in private beta for a select few contributors. To date, Stamplia has over 1000 contributors, from more than 60 countries.

Email strategy is a very important marketing lever. Readers take just a few seconds to take in and assess an email by its layout and the relevance of the template used: 80% of what readers remember is the actual layout of the email. That’s why Stamplia enables clients to greatly optimize their email campaigns and increase profitability.

A well designed template will capture the reader’s attention and thus trigger the act of clicking which then increases the number of visits and the
conversion rate.


The contributors are web designers that wish to sell their newsletter templates to a wider audience by offering quality designs, dedicated to a specific category. And Stamplia certainly offers an audience for your designs. I am one of the contributors doing templates for Stamplia (Flat Design and Metro), so this article is written from an insider’s point of view.

There is a wide choice of templates to choose from for different types of email, such as transactional emails (confirming a registration, an order, or a notification, estimates, invoices, etc.), newsletters, and online registration forms.

A very important category is “Responsive Emails”. Recent years, with the development of the mobile and tablet market, have made “responsiveness ” more and more important. Email marketing makes no exception. Responsive email is an email that identifies a device’s screen and display size and renders the appropriate layout. Responsive emails use @media Queries to identify the device or screen size and render the appropriate email layout designed by the designer. You might ask yourself why is this so important. Well as more and more people read their emails on the go, the need to engage each and every one of them, regardless of the medium they read the email from, is vital. A great article regarding responsive email templates can be found on the Stamplia blog.

Stamplia newsletter templates

Design and submit a template

The first thing you need to do is select the category of your template. You can choose from the 3 main categories : email newsletters, transactional emails and website signup forms. Each category has quite a few sub-categories. For example in the newsletters category you can select from the following subcategories : Sales, Actuality, Event information, RSS or News release.

Stamplia Upload Process

Secondly you have to select a name and description for your template. The following step is selecting a proper price for your template. This can range anywhere from $8 to $15. Other fields needed in the upload process are tags and colors. These help potential buyers better find your template. A preview link for the template is also required.

Besides the fields mentioned above the actual template needs to be uploaded in a ZIP archive. At this point you have the option to test your template using different Email clients for desktop and mobile devices. The email previews are generated almost in real time after your template upload. After you make sure the templates looks good in all email clients you can submit the template for approval.

Email Preview

The advantages Stamplia offers are obvious : you can concentrate on doing whatever you do best, and that is design. Stamplia takes care of the rest : marketing your templates and ensuring they get sold. Stamplia takes all the admin off the shoulders of the web designer. The contributor produces a design according to their inspiration, taste, and current trends, with the only limit being imagination, and no need to bother about the admin.

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