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First of all, after reading the title of this article you might be inclined to say “This SocialClerks site is not legitimate for sure …”. Well let me tell you that is it. This website is meant to create social media connections and that is what it does, and it does it by abiding to the Twitter and Facebook rules.


So what’s SocialClerks exactly?

SocialClerks  is a platform that reunites social media users by interests. You can easily find Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Digg, Youtube, Delicious and Google+ users in the same domain as you and having the same interests as you.  . This way you can for example get free Twitter followers. The website creates interactions between these users, using a credits system, accessible either through money or user actions.

How does it work ?

As previously mentioned SocialClerks is based on a credits system. There are two ways to get credits : by purchasing them via Paypal or by doing certain actions. For example you get credits by visiting a website, or by retweeting or by +1-ing a Google story.

You are perfectly free to earn credits as you like, meaning you can set some areas of interest and only browse the websites in that area of interest, or get some Twitter users related to your areas of interest and follow them or retweet their tweets.

You can earn credits just by browsing websites. It’s totally your choice. You are not obliged to tweet, retweet, +1, like or visit anything you don’t like or want. This way it’s a win-win situation : users get followers, likes, +1, saves to Delicious, views on Youtube and so on and you get credits that you can spend by getting likes for yourself (by recommending links for other users to like).

The website is based on the balance of every user earning and spending their credits.

There are a number of ways you can spend your credits : by recommending users to follow you on Twitter, or to retweet your tweets, or by recommending users to +1, save to Delicious, Facebook like your stories, or by viewing your Youtube video and so on.

At any time you can add more credits to your account by purchasing them with Paypal.

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