Simple White Hat Link Building Techniques for Search Engine Domination

Quality content is important, but backlinks matter too. Google looks closely at your backlinks when deciding how trustworthy and relevant your website is. The better your backlink profile is, the higher your site will appear in the SERPs.

Not all links are equal. Penguin put paid to that. These days, webmasters can’t afford to pay for black hat links from spam sites and low-quality article directories. If they do, it will harm their position in the search rankings and they could even be sandboxed by Google.

Here are some tips to help you build quality backlinks the white hat way.

Write Quality Content

People are far more likely to link to content if it is full of useful data, interesting, and relevant. Infographics are a valuable tool. Create fun and interesting infographics packed full of facts, statistics, and data. Share them on social media and you should find that other blogs and websites naturally link back to your content.

Smart Guest Posting

Guest posting is a proven content marketing and link building strategy. However, high-quality blog owners are usually reluctant to accept guest posts containing commercial links. Instead, link back to useful content on your website, rather than the home page, and make sure the anchor text is natural.

Target Edu Links

Education domains with the .edu suffix are highly prized. Google and other search engines love links to .edu domains, as they believe them to be trustworthy. It isn’t easy to secure .edu backlinks, but if you create a useful resource for college students, you might be able to persuade a university website to link back to it.

Build Relationships with Relevant Blogs

Blogging has become a popular hobby for millions of people and there are huge blog networks of like-minded bloggers out there. Becoming part of a blogger network is good for you. Take mom blogs, for example. Parenting bloggers often link to each other. They swap posts, comment on each other’s blogs, and create valuable links. Build relationships with other websites in your niche and reach out when you have something worth linking to. If your content offers valuable insights, people will be happy to link back to it.

Use a Blog Aggregator

Use a blog aggregator to build backlinks. This one is very easy. All you have to do is add your RSS feed to high-quality blog aggregators. Each link will be no-follow, but it does provide exposure to new linking opportunities.

Link Out

It may sound obvious, but if you link out to other people’s content, they might link back or share your content on their social feeds. Research on Quicksprout shows that this technique works surprisingly well.

Search for Broken Links

Websites often die, which means there are millions of broken links out there. Look for broken links and persuade the webmaster to link back to your resource instead.

This is just a small sample of the different white hat link building techniques you can use. Spend 10-15 minutes a day building links and before long you will have a solid backlink profile.

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