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For every busy web designer and developer, there comes a moment when they want to kick the clock so hard that it stops time in its tracks. For our businesses, time is money; however, we cannot just stop taking on additional orders because we have too many- or do we? If your answer is often ”yes”, I’ll tell you something that might change your perspective for the better. Suppose, you have multiple web designs ready for coding, project submission dates are coming on quickly, and your inbox is brimming with yet more web design orders, what would you do?


Do you push back delivery dates?  That’s not so great for your client relations.  Do you divert all your resources toward timely delivery?  Clients are happy, but you increase your stress and can push back other high-priority tasks.  When situations like these happen, hiring a PSD to HTML company may be your best choice.

That’s where PixelCrayons steps in with its PSD to XHTML conversion services.  With them, you know exactly what you are getting, when you are getting it and how much it will cost.

PixelCrayons offers manual conversion of design files into high quality XHTML. The idea is simple – you submit your designs in  the design format of your choice (PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG, AI) and get back 100% hand coded clean XHTML code.


PixelCrayons offers two slicing packages startng at US$99 for the first page. They also offer a 50% discount on each additional page submitted with the order! ser Compatibility

Work Process

Placing an order is quite simple, and the order form is self-explanatory.You may upload your file in various formats (PSD, JPG, GIF, PNG, AI, ZIP or PDF) and can also have it integrated with CMS/ Blogging Engine/ Shopping Cart of your choice. If you want to mention specifications about your file, you can use the Special Comments Box. After uploading the file and completing the order form for the chosen package, an order-confirmation e-mail is sent to you with your order placed in the queue.

Client Support

The response time is quick and thorough. You would be asked questions regarding file related issues and other clarifications on design implementation and stuff. After a quick review of the work you need and clarifications over phone and mails, your markup will be available to you per the schedule provided. They also have instant chat options where you could directly communicate via Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, Skype messengers.

Work Quality

The emailed markup is sent as a zip file that would include XHTML files and a folder containing CSS files, JS files and images. The quality of the markup speaks for itself, the coding is kept clean and semantic, and the CSS files are nicely organized.


Having tried a variety of PSD slicing services, I would recommend PixelCrayons for their high code quality, economical pricing and top class communication. So all in all, do I recommend Pixel Crayons for XHTML Conversion? Certainly yes, if you need a cost saving, time-saving and convenient conversion.

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