Picture Collage Maker – Transform Your Photos into Precious Memories

Ever wanted a simple software that does exactly what is supposed to do without needing hours of tutorials or complicated interfaces ? If the answer is yes and you are looking for a simple yet effective picture collage making software, then Picture Collage Maker is the choice for you.

Picture Collage Maker

Picture Collage Maker is a simple-to-use photo collage generator that turns ordinary photos and pictures into stunning keepsakes to share with family and friends. With just a few clicks, you can create collages, scrapbooks, posters, invitations, calendars, and greeting cards.

One of the main advantages of Picture Collage Maker is the ease of use. The software can be used just as effective by a new user or by an experienced photo editor.

Collage Templates

Picture Collage Maker comes with a variety of professionally designed collage templates to choose from. The pre-made photo layouts and backgrounds make it easy to create a great looking collage. You are in complete control over the paper size and orientation.

The collage making procedure is quite simple. You just point to the folder where the photos are located and you just drag-and-drop the photos to the prefered position in the collage.


Frames, Masks and Cliparts

The software comes out-of-the-box with a large number of frames you can use to decorate your collages. Apart from that  there’s a variety of masks you can use on individual pictures, allowing you to change the shape of each image.

Collage Wizard

Picture Collage Maker also has a step-by-step wizard integrated, thus making it even easier. The wizard guides you through every step of the collage creating procedure.

Making Calendars and Greeting Cards

Among the many features offered by Picture Collage Maker, there’s the possibility to create beautiful calendars. You can easily include images, logos and text in your calendar designs. With Picture Collage Maker you can create greeting cards for every occasion with ease.

Technical Info

The software is available both for Windows and Mac.The image formats supported by Picture Collage Maker are : JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG. The software is available in a 15-day watermark trial with full functionality.

For more information check out Picture Collage Software.

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