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I am sure you found yourself at least once in the need to find a great domain name for your future website, as did I several times. I am sure you found the process to be exhausting and really user-unfriendly, all those “Domain is not available”, go back, search again queries make this activity quite unpleasant.

PC Names makes domain name search appealing and more efficient. PC Names enables you to instant search for a domain name, see who is the current registrar of an existing domain, buy an available domain name or an existing one if it’s on auction, generate a domain name based on a starting word or phrase, bulk search domain names and much more.

PC Names - Domain Name Search

Domain Search

The actual domain search is really easy. It can be done instantly using the instant search function which is default or this can be deactivated and the search can be done the old-fashion way. The results appear instantly and include the most popular TLD (domain extention) available : .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi, .name .

Your most recent 50 queries are saved on the homepage so you can easily return to one of your previous queries. Also you can add them to Favorites for later analysis.

On every search query you have the possibility via a floating box to buy the available domain using one of the available registrars or purchase it with a hosting package. If the domain name is taken you have the possibility using the same floating box solution to visit the website or see its whois information (public information regarding the current domain name registrar and registrant).

Bulk Domain Searches

PC Names also offers one of the coolest features we’ve seen so far on websites like this : bulk domain search . What does that mean ? Well, in most cases when you want to buy a website you will create a list of possible names for your future website. So instead of searching for them individually, you just do a bulk search. You insert each possible domain name on it’s own line and the website searches for all of them at the same time and displays the results instantly. That saves you time and a lot of energy, especially if you have a list of more than 50 possible names.

Domain Generator

If you haven’t decided exactly on the name of the domain, you can use the domain name generator tool. What does this does is give you some possible domain names based on certain word(s).

PC Names - Domain Name Search Tools

Mobile App and Widgets

PC Names has a version specially made for mobile phones, so can do queries from you mobile phone. Also you can integrate on your website PC Names widgets if you wish to offer to your visitors an easy and efficient way to search for domain names.


PC Names offers just about anything you might want if you are searching for a domain name and this using  a clean and professional look.

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