Overview of New Lingo app by Noun Project

Lingo What?

Remember where you saved that cute cat icon? No? Well then, you better try out Lingo! Lingo is an app for organizing design assets and could save you countless precious moments that would otherwise be wasted burrowing through your computer files. With Lingo assets are visually organized so you never lose sight of them. This new app will complement The Noun Project‘s core service; the creation of visual language with its unlimited access to countless icons. You could say it’s an evolving library sure to keep your entire design team speaking the same language!


Mac or Windows?

One major drawback to using Lingo though is that you can only use it on a Mac. So if you’re on Windows you may opt for something a little more flexible say Icon8’s app which comes with similar features. Despite this, Lingo plays nice with other collaboration tools such as the Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch and Keynote. This symbiosis comes with a caveat though. Because photoshop, Illustrator and sketch use proprietary formats, assets from these three can only be copied and pasted into Lingo but can’t be opened.

Lingo accepts a whole bunch of formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF for raster content and PDF, EPS and SVG for vectors. This seems to compare with similar apps. It is recommended that you convert RAW camera files to JPEG before saving them in Lingo.

For optimum accessibility, icons you save are uploaded to the Lingo Cloud as well as saved on your computer. This way you’re able to access your files even without an internet connection.

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What Does It Cost?

Lingo is a relatively new app and Noun Project is trying to get as many people on board by offering a mix of free plans and trials for paid plans. One of the two paid plans kicks in after that. There’s the Go Pro plan for $9.99/month which allows you to add unlimited assets to the app as well as adding “guests” to your kit. Guests are basically invites you send out to other people to view and use your assets as well as add or edit.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that you can use Lingo to share your icon kits with your team. The Start a Team plan for $49.99/month has the same benefits as the Go Pro plan but here you’re allowed to share your kit with up to 25 members. This try-out period for the two paid plans negates the need for a 30-day money-back guarantee.

By the way, in case you’re team is larger than 25 members you could send them an email for a more bespoke arrangement.

Our Take

As a new app in an already crowded space, Noun Project’s Lingo will have to offer more to gain sufficient traction if it’s going to show up its competition. A good place to start would be becoming available on multiple platforms. But who knows perhaps the team at Noun Project is already working on some new and novel features. We think that only time will tell.

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Written by Mervyn

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