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a lady astronaut

1.How would you describe your design style?

All my works are different because I try something new all the time. But despite this, all my works are soft, warm, with nice colors. I think therein lies my style.


2.How long have you been a designer for?

After finishing my teacher training at university I worked as a teacher for 4 years. My husband is a designer. While I was working at school, we always discussed his projects and worked with him to develop his ideas. Later he became interested in illustration, and today he combines illustration and design projects. I have been drawing for two years, I passed the drawing course and continue to fall in love with illustration every day. Currently, we work together on motion videos, board games and children’s books and plan to draw a comic book based on my husband’s script.

Princess of the forest

3.Where are you from?

I’m from Russia. I’ve been living in St. Petersburg for 3 years. I love this city. It’s the most beautiful city in Russia and has the largest concentration of interesting and creative people.

gold game pad

4.What project would you like us to feature on the blog?

The project I’d like you to show on Crazyleaf Design is “Game of Heads Playoff” created by Dmitry Stolz ( ) and July Pluto ( ). My husband and I are participants in this project because we’re huge fans of Game of Thrones. This project has its beginning on Dribble ( ). The idea was that each designer would choose one character and draw their head. I’ve drawn Arya Stark and my husband’s drawn Joffrey.

Arya Stark Portrait    Joffrey Baratheon

5.When did you know you wanted to be a designer? Was there an “ah-ha” moment?

I always liked to draw, creativity accompanied me all my life. I have always dreamed of a creative profession. My husband has been a source of inspiration and thanks to his support, I decided to integrate drawing into my lifestyle. It’s the coolest thing to do, and I get paid for it 🙂 It’s a dream job!

Illustration of global map

6.Describe your creative design process?

I like drawing people mostly. When I draw a pose I make a silhouette first, then I draw line sketch. The upper layer of the document acts as the color. ( When drawing portraits I do only a line sketch followed by coloring. I really love to draw peoples’ faces and I think that every person is beautiful.

illustration of beautiful girl

7.Where do you find inspiration?

People are the greatest source of inspiration; ordinary people in the streets, famous artists, actors etc. I also find inspiration in famous artists’ illustrations, pictures, movies, animated shots, colors, music.

Rey and BB8

8.What techniques and software tools do you use to keep yourself organized?

I’m not organized at all! 🙂 But if I work with other people I can draw from morning till night. Customers for me as a freelance illustrator are very important and I try to finish a project as soon as possible. If I draw for myself however…here troubles begin. I am a lazy person and can create only in a good mood. So I psych myself up for every little thing. It’s important to make a creative place comfortable and clean. Also, I try to avoid an open browser when I work.

illustration of girl with phone

9.How does color influence your work?

I work with color on the final step of an illustration. But it is the most interesting part of my job. I consider that an illustration is not finished if it has no color and this extends to other people’s works. When I see a black and white illustration I dream of coloring it. That’s how the project “Doodlefox” was born. My husband was drawing sketches to improve his skills and I decided to color them. You can take a look at our collaboration here:


Training Day Illustration

10.What is the best advice you would give to a new designer?

Don’t give up! Improve your skill all the time, try new techniques, work with nice people, have many online portfolios.

girl perched on table top

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