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[Infographic Series] Online Marketing 101 – What Do You Need to Know About Online Marketing

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When Internet raised in last ten years, more businesses were bringing their operations online.  Since the year 2012, the Internet became major sale channels for brands, and here’s the online marketing started to become more important for all size of businesses.

In this infographic post, we are going to bring out some basic concept of online marketing.  For businesses that who want to start their eCommerce website, create SaaS online products, or want to launch your first mobile apps.  It is important to know about online marketing from the foundation.

Whether you want to advertise your business on social Ads, search engine Ads, or website banners. You should get familiar with each concept before you get started.

That’s how you don’t have to go for a hard way to waste marketing budgets in the dark! 🙂

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Understand the Basic of Online Marketing

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Online Marketing 101

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