Interview with Designer Dave Chenell

Today we interviewed designer Dave Chenell. Let him know you like his work with a follow on his Dribbble or Twitter. We wanted to thank Dave for taking the time to sit down with us and answer these 10 questions about his work, style, and design advice. Our new favorite quote from this interview is, “Get lost in the process and don’t focus on the outcome. There are no rules.”

1.How would you describe your design style?

That’s kind of a tough question. I feel like finding the right words for this is hard. I like minimal vintage futurism. I try to combine different styles and I hope to always keep exploring and growing.
 space flight illustration

2.How long have you been a designer for?

I started when I was in high school, so about 12 years.
canine illustration

3.Where are you from?

Guilford CT, currently living in NYC
stylistic illustration of a man

4.Which is your favorite project?

Hmm, very tough question. Whichever one you guys like the best!
 stylistic illustration of bear

5.What work are you most proud of?

I think I’m proud of anything I can make where people tell me it resonates with them. Like this is just some dots moving, but it makes people feel something. That’s pretty cool to me.
Space Seam by Dave Chennel

6.Describe your creative design process?

Sure, I usually sit down with a general idea of what I want to make, or I play around in photohsop until something grabs my attention. From there I work in greyscale and focus on getting a good composition that feels striking. After that I continue with a bunch of different detail passes until I feel its done. Lighting, shading, color, texture, effects.
 Time Capsule in Space

7.Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! I try to take walks around New York everyday and usually find a person/place/scenario that inspires me. Eyes and ears always open looking for new experiences.
 abstract illustration

8.What techniques and software tools do you use to keep yourself organized?

Good old fashioned To Do lists + Calendar. I’ve tried almost of the millions of variations of project management software out there, but they never stick around and always end up being more work then they are worth.
Stylized Illustration of Person

9.Mac or PC?

Currently Mac, used to use PC, might switch back soon, I even rocked Linux for a bit. Honestly I think whatever tool is best for the task at hand is the right choice.
Illustration of water bear

10.What do you wish you knew at the beginning of your career that you know now?

Get lost in the process and don’t focus on the outcome. There are no rules.
Illustration of a tree house

Written by Mervyn

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