Inspiration Work: Honor thy Father & thy Mother by Maria Tiurina

I’m a big fan of the macabre.

I’ve always found it fascinating, not in the sadistic sense; but its effect is truly engaging and no other art form has been able to move me as much.

So when I find inspiration work as interesting as Maria’s, it’s a definite feature.

Illustrated especially for INDIE magazine’s anniversary issue, Maria picked out the theme “Honour thy father and thy mother” from the umbrella theme of the “Ten Commandments”. She took the subject of “Inheritance”, literally meaning that we are all a combination of our parents. In fine gore-y sense, this includes their traits and human organs.

Honour thy Father & thy Mother_1

Maria’s technique involves sketching, watercolor and ink for the actual piece. She later scanned them and touched them up digitally before exporting for print.

Honour thy Father & thy Mother_2

Maria’s got a great dreamy-art style paired with excellent character development. Her mixed media technique which brings out her ideas and concepts are also highly addictive.

Honour thy Father & thy Mother_3

About Maria

A graduate of Multimedia Design from Brunel University in the UK, Maria now works as a game artist at Mediatonic LTD. She spends most of her free time illustrating amazing works of character art. To check out more of Maria’s dark-ish/morbid-y work, visit her website or Behance portfolio.

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