Inspiration List: 5 Illustrators Who Raised the Bar

Every now and then, when daily work bogs me down – client changes, irregular briefs, and unapologetic deadlines – the best way for me to get motivated again is to find, and feast my eyes on inspirational work.

In today’s post, I feature 5 talented illustrators who literally lifted my spirits with their amazing work. From character design to fine arts to animation to painting, these fine folks have seriously brought the roof down in their respective field.

Inspiration came all the way from Hyderabad, India, as we welcome Sukanto Debnath with his impeccable Photoshop skills, Denis Spichkin from Helsinki, Finland with his rendition of J.R.R Tolkien’s much loved characters. Philip Giordano from Tokyo, Japan with his truly distinct drawing style; from Yerevan, Armenia, Davit Yukhanyan shows off his technical skills in his award winning illustration, and lastly Daniel Romero of Bogota, Colombia with his Mexican band character design.

I hope you guys enjoy this visual spectacular because I know I did. Since Valentine’s coming up, head on over to their respective portfolios and share some love if you find their work inspirational.

Old and ancient by Sukanto Debnath

old and ancient

old and ancient

Created entirely in Photoshop, Sukanto’s characters, especially the axe wielding ones, remind me Sega’s 80s arcade game, Golden Axe. Hats off for doing all of this in PSD, and showcasing characters from different cultural background. You can also check out his process from sketch to finished artwork.

old and ancient

I’m also going to applaud Sukanto’s ability to capture every interesting detail (pubic hair?), which in my opinion makes this an outstanding piece.

Check out the rest of this series here

Isolated Winner by Davit Yukhanyan

isolated winner

Isolated Winner

Isolated Winner

This award winning illustration is “An Illustration Made Of Illustrations”. Drawing from the concept of – everything in the world consists of different pieces, so in the same respect, my drawing also consists of different pieces”. I’m really digging Davit’s concept, but what I truly love are the details and symmetry of the entire piece.

See more of Davit’s intricate and work on Behance.

Silk Book by Phillip Giordano

silk book

silk book

Phillip’s artwork reminds me of fine Japanese art – both modern and traditional. His paint work is identifiable with a lot of other Japanese artwork (as painting is the preferred form of expression), but his work stands out in concept. Illustrated for a picture book, this work borders on Surrealism and I can definitely appreciate its imagery of nature, animal and human elements. See more of this series here

Mexican Lovers Band by Daniel Romero


I’m always drawn to Spanish wrestling. I find the entire Lucha libre culture quite interesting especially with the masks, high-flying tricks and of course popularity in graphic design. So with this, there is no doubt that I’ll find Daniel’s work exciting. His illustrations are solid and would be great for a cartoon! What do you guys think?

Find more of Daniel’s work here

J.R.R Tolkien Illustrations by Denis Spichkin

J.R.R. Tolkien illustrations

I once sat down to read The Fellowship of the Ring, but in all honesty, I gave up after 20 minutes. It wasn’t because I found it uninteresting, but sitting down to read anything has always been a problem for me. But if The Fellowship was in a graphic novel, drawn up by Denis in this style, I’d finish reading it within a few hours.

J.R.R. Tolkien illustrations

J.R.R. Tolkien illustrations

Childlike and cartoony, I wish the same for an animated version for the entire LOTR series. Great artwork by a talented individual. Check out this entire series with Smaug, Frodo, and the Gandalf the Grey here

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