Improve Customer Experience for Your Web Design Clients

Web designers need to offer their clients excellent experiences when they work with them. As well as delivering a great product, they should focus on giving the support and customer service that their clients are looking for. Your design clients don’t want to feel like getting their project done is any more difficult than it needs to be, so they’re looking for someone who is attentive and can give them what they need. Your clients might currently be satisfied with what you do for them, but if you improve your services, you could also raise your prices.

Choose a Reliable VPS Provider

If you choose to use a VPS to host your clients’ websites, you need to make sure that you use a reliable provider. Whenever you rely on someone else’s services to provide your products to your clients, you need to be able to trust that you will get what you need. Even if you choose a cheap VPS provider, you can still get excellent support when you need it. Look for benefits such as automated backups and 24/7 support so that you can always get the help you need to keep your clients’ websites going.

Offer Free Stuff

Everyone loves to receive free things. Your clients will feel like they get added value from your products and services if you’re willing to add some free things to what you offer. It could be some extra work that you’re willing to do or you might offer some useful products. Maybe you could add in a free contact page as part of a website package. They can often be quick and easy to make, as they don’t require much. Maybe you could create a PDF with some useful website tips, which help them to maintain or promote their site.

Be Responsive

Dealing with someone who takes a long time to reply to communications can be very frustrating. When you’re trying to get stuff done, you don’t want to be waiting on other people. One of the best ways to make sure your customer experience is better than ever is to be as responsive as possible when people try to contact you. Don’t leave it too late to reply to emails or make it difficult to get in touch with you. Your clients will appreciate you being swift with your responses and keeping in touch in a variety of ways.

Provide After Care

Some web designers might deliver a project and then wash their hands of it. But staying in touch with clients is a great way to get extra work and to make a good impression. You might offer to check up on their site in six months’ time to make sure everything is going well. Or you could offer a maintenance package to help them take care of their site properly. This could help you secure more work from the same clients or it can increase your chances of referrals.


Improve your customer experience for your clients, and you could take your web design business to new places.

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