Hostgator vs GoDaddy: Who is Better?

Proficient web hosting is a critical aspect of developing a website. There are various web hosting service providers available on the internet which have been leading the market for the last decade.

Today we will compare two main web hosting service providers – Hostgator vs GoDaddy. Both these companies are the two stalwarts of the web hosting segment.

Hostgator vs GoDaddy: A Comparison

Our comparison will be based on different GoDaddy reviews and reviews of Hostgator given by customers from all over the world.

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Company Background

Hostgator is a Houston based company which provides a significant number of services including – web hosting, virtual private server, sharing and reselling of web domains. The company was established in the year 2002. The company has over 200,000 registered domains all over the world.

GoDaddy is a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was established in the year 1997, and renamed from Go Daddy to GoDaddy in the year 2006. The company provides a range of web hosting services including reselling and sharing of domains, virtual private server, etc. Further, the company has more than 61 million registered domains throughout the world.


GoDaddy offers the first-year price of $4.99 for domain registration and renewal price of $6.99 after the first year. While the price at Hostgator is $5.56 for the first year, the renewal rate after a year is $6.95.

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GoDaddy Plans
GoDaddy Plans


Hostgator Plans
Hostgator Plans

The primary difference between the two is that GoDaddy charges $1 per month for the website builder whereas the website builder on Hostgator is free of cost.


Both GoDaddy and Hostgator offer a great set of features for their clients. We will take a deeper look at the package provided by both the web hosting giants.

Hostgator has three unique web hosting options – Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and the Business Plan. The first plan is the Hatchling plan which is a very basic plan and able to host a single domain only. The other two plans, however, support unlimited domains. Apart from that, all three plans have the feature of unlimited bandwidth and storage capacity along with unlimited email accounts. In addition to that, the company also offers a complete money back assurance up to 45 days of the purchase and Hostgator is also offering 50% discount on domain name registration fee.

Similarly, GoDaddy also offers three different hosting plans – Economy plan, Deluxe plan, and Ultimate plan. Though all the three plans provide unlimited bandwidth, the Economy plan only has a 100 GB storage space. Similarly, Economy plan can only host a single domain while the other two plans have the option to host an unlimited number of domains.

Moreover, after considering the performance of the two, Hostgator scores more on the value for money.



  • Range of Plans – 4/5

Though the range of plans provided by GoDaddy is attractive but a lack of unlimited storage in the Economy plan can be the deciding factor.

  • Speed – 3/5

GoDaddy takes about 1.5 seconds to load a page which is fair enough but not the best.

  • Response Time – 3.5/5

GoDaddy also showed good response time results but again the results were not as good as Hostgator.

  • User Interface – 3.5/5

GoDaddy incorporates a custom UI which includes various different script installers and other features. But the entire interface may look a bit odd to the users.

  • Customer Support – 5/5

The customer support provided by GoDaddy is great. The presence of a live chat option is a standout feature and enables real-time support for the users.

OVERALL – 3.8/5


  • Range of Plans – 5/5

The different plans provided by Hostgator are great value for money and feature options like unlimited storage, and unlimited email accounts available even at the base plan that boosts its ratings. In addition, Hostgator offers Dedicated Servers for those who are looking for a faster, and more reliable hosting service.

  • Speed – 4.5/5

The speed test results were ideal for Hostgator as loading a page took only around 0.5 seconds which is 1/3rd of the time taken by GoDaddy.

  • Response Time – 4/5

Similarly, the response time results for Hostgator were better than that of GoDaddy. The data was collected from the performance of different blogs over a period of 1 month.

  • User Interface – 4.5/5

Hostgator uses cPanel as the main controlling interface for the users. It is very user-friendly and loaded with various one-click scripts which are very helpful for the new users.

  • Customer Support – 5/5

Hostgator also provides live chat feature and 24/7 phone support to its users along with excellent reliability and availability.

OVERALL – 4.6/5


After carefully assessing Hostgator vs GoDaddy, we recommend Hostgator to our readers due to its added features in the base plan, high performance, and discount options.

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