Gridgum – A New Marketplace For Selling Your Themes

There are many marketplaces out there offering theme developers a range of incentives and options. Some developers spend months developing a theme and have the difficult decision of where to submit their theme and what will yield the best results. Sometimes submitting your theme into a crowded theme marketplace can be a difficult decision as your theme can be lost into the thousands of similar themes and templates available.

If you have developed a responsive website or template we would recommend trying This is a brand new marketplace which is intended to connect sellers and buyers of responsive website themes.

The site is going to be launched on May 1st, 2014 and all themes or templates submitted by 30th April 2014 will be automatically entered into their $2000 giveaway and then made live on their launch date.


Gridgum is inviting developers to submit themes. They are looking for the best responsive admin, blog, e-commerce, WordPress, Joomla, portfolio and corporate responsive themes.

The categories are not just limited to only these. You can submit any kind of theme you want as long as you ensure that all the themes are fully responsive and you have tested them across different kinds of devices.

Gridgum accepts themes based on many different kinds of frameworks. This includes Bootstrap, Foundation, Gumby or Skeleton frameworks. If you wish you can use your own responsive framework too.

When you sell a responsive theme with Gridgum you will earn a fixed commission rate for the sale. You can also add an installation service with your theme and they will promote the option for you. This means you won’t just earn a commission on the sale but will also earn money for installing the theme for the client who buys it.

You will get a 45% commission on non-exclusive themes. Your theme will be classed as non-exclusive if you are selling it on other places as well such as your own website, your blog, to your email subscribers, or any other marketplace.

You will get a 70% commission if you will sell it through their exclusive option. Exclusive option, as the name suggests, means that you grant Gridgum an exclusive right to sell your theme. In other words this means that if you choose the exclusive option then you can’t sell your theme on any other marketplace including your own blog or website.

All themes submitted before April 30th, 2014 will automatically enter into a giveaway contest worth $2,000.

Gridgum Giveaway

The $2,000 giveaway will be distributed to 14 people as prizes.

  • $500 for the best Responsive Exclusive Admin or Dashboard Theme
  • $500 for the best Responsive Exclusive WordPress theme
  • $250 for the best 2 Responsive Themes (Exclusive or Non-exclusive themes)
  • $50 for the first 10 approved themes (Exclusive or Non-exclusive themes)

Go and take a look at the website and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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