Estetica Design Forum – Everything You Could Possibly Want in a Design Forum

The Estetica Design Forum is one of the largest design forums on the web today. Its members come from all over the world with over 46,000 in total.

The community itself is made up of the main forum that has 32 sections covering everything from Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Typography, Illustration plus much more. It also has some very popular off topic sections where the members chat about World News, Movies and Music to name a few.

Graphic Design Forum Home Page

The forum has a fully integrated Article section where the members can choose to upgrade certain forum posts to article with one click or even write their own articles via the CMS management tool.

Design Article Section

For members who don’t have their own blog there is an option to have a fully integrated blog on the Estetica platform, and other members can comment and vote on your blog posts if you wish them to.

The Estetica Design Forum Blog

There is an image upload option to show off your work in the galleries or just to share any images of interest.

Image Gallery

The member profiles also act as a social hub meaning you have a comment feed, friends list, social groups you can customize this any way you please.

Design Forum Profiles

The Estetica Design Forum may be one of the fastest growing design forums on the web but it is always welcoming and there’s always a friendly atmosphere.

Free to Join and a Word From the Admin

Andi Creffield (owner) : We look forward to maybe seeing you there and we would love for you to share your experience of the forum here in the comment section to help others decide if it’s the place for them.

Sign up today at the Graphic Design and Web Design Forum or follow us on Twitter @Designforum.

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