Get More Attention! 5 Awesome Benefits of Using Video in Web Design

Did you know that the majority of consumers are visual learners? Well, it’s true! Studies show that 65% of people learn better when they’re helped along by a visual aid like an infographic, drawing, or photograph.

However, nothing else engages the visual learner quite like a video does. Because consumers are more likely to remember your website if you upload a video promoting your product, there are a lot of benefits of using video in web design for a small business like your own. Read on to learn some of the biggest ones!

1. It’s More Engaging

Because so many people are visual learners, it makes sense that embedding videos into your website makes it more palatable to viewers than text. You also can process videos and related media 600,000 times faster than you can text, which makes people more likely to have the attention span to understand it.

But what about photographs and clip art?

Well, those aren’t bad things to include on a website, but they still aren’t as good as video is. The human eye is naturally drawn to movement, which makes the person on your webpage more likely to be engaged by a video than by a still image or graphic.

In fact, the fact that people prefer video has been proven time and time again. Videos are 1200% more likely to get online shares than anything else is, so you’ll be able to engage even more people when you use this web design strategy.

2. It’s Proven to Increase Sales

In addition to boosting your visibility and keeping people engaged on your page, embedding video makes those who come to your business website more likely to make a purchase.

73% of consumers cite themselves as more likely to invest in a service if they see a video on it first. The products that you sell become more memorable to them and they’re more likely to develop an affinity to your brand.

The reason that this affinity develops completely depends on the kind of video that you choose for your website, so read on to learn more about this!

3. There Are Many Different Video Options

There are so many types of videos that you can use in web design in web design. This diversity means that you’re sure to find something that works well with your specific webpage. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest ones!

Testimonials and Talking

The first kind of video that many people choose for their website is a testimonial. These videos feature a person (whether that’s an actor or a real-life customer) talking about the goods and services that you sell and how it can benefit you.

The main reason that these videos are so effective is that the viewer forms a person-to-person connection with the person talking. They feel as though they’ve entered into a dialogue with another human being and are therefore likely to feel an emotional draw to the products being discussed. They’ll think, ‘that person is really nice and seems to like the product, so maybe I will, too!’


The next kind of video that people like to use on their website is animation. These are generally little infographics that convey statistics or other data that you want to get across to your consumers.

Colorful animation visually appealing and can be funny. Cartoons can be put into exaggerated scenarios and provide some much-needed slapstick comic relief. People are also more likely to remember the data that they associate with their favorite parts of the animation better than if they just saw a bolded graphic with a number on it.

Live-Action Scripts

Live-action scripted videos are the least common of these options, which means that using them is a great way to stand out. They provide you with the best of both worlds- characters that your audience can relate to and hilariously memorable scenarios.

4. They Work Well With Graphics

While incorporating video alone provides an amazing visual on your website, it can also work in conjunction with infographics and other images. However, there are some things that you need to know before combining these two visual aids.

First, you don’t want your website to get too busy or it’s going to confuse visitors. If you’re going to include other graphics on your website in addition to videos, you have two options. The first option is to put them on different pages within your website so that things don’t become painful to look at. The other is to use videos as part of an infographic to show one data point or a single step in a timeline/process.

You also don’t want your videos and graphics to clash with one another (or with the color scheme of your webpage.) Make sure that everything you upload is visually appealing. If it’s ugly or hard to look at, people will subconsciously think that your brand is unprofessional and messy.

5. Video Is Easy to Upload

At this point, it would be a surprise if you weren’t in awe of the benefits of incorporating video onto your webpage. But you may also be starting to have a lingering concern: is video hard to upload on a business website?

The answer is a definitive ‘no!’

If you’re using a web design template, there are likely options for including videos as part of the design itself. If you’re creating a fully customized website from scratch, you can use coding to imbed video into the page directly. If you don’t know how to do this, a web design pro can help you out.

Another option is uploading your video to YouTube and then linking it onto your website. You can easily learn how to embed a YouTube video if this option appeals to you. Once you embed a video, it will appear on the screen of your webpage as though it’s an inextricable part of the design, so you don’t need to worry about it looking wonky!

More Benefits of Using Video in Web Design

There are a lot of ways that you can make your website stand out from the competition, but none of them are as effective as using video.

Now that you know the biggest benefits of using video in web design, it’s time to get more information on the technology that can help you to grow your business. Check out the ‘tech’ tab on our page to learn more about how to make your website as engaging as possible!

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