Freebie: Huge Halloween Collection 2015

Trick or treat?! The night of the dead is coming, and as the preparation for this historically-solemn-turned-festive occasion begins, so comes the wave of fun and colorful graphic elements for your ghoulish project.

Centuries ago, Halloween was a rather plain and somber event. However, as time passed by, people’s fear started to wane, and what used to scare the living daylights out of little kids became a joyous day celebrated with sweet treats, splashy costumes, and loud parades.

If you’re planning to celebrate this fun holiday as well, then start primping your projects with these equally fun design elements. Don’t forget; you can also use most of them for that awesome Halloween party you’re throwing.

Brilliant Icons

Freebie: Halloween Collection 2015

This Halloween Icon Set includes six bright orange non-shaded icons, including a skull, pumpkin, spider, ghost, cauldron, and Frankenstein.

Colorful Ribbons

Deck your landing, home, and other web pages with fun Halloween Ribbons. Choose from eight designs featuring a Halloween item on black, orange, or violet ribbon.

Scary Font

Don’t just use any font for your Halloween design! Choose one as apt and chilling as the You Murderer BB Font, which imitates a dying message written with blood.

Countdown Vampire

Just how many days are left until the big spooky day? Let your visitors know with this Halloween Countdown Widget, which displays a cute vampire on your sidebar.

Halloween Logos

Freebie: Halloween Collection 2015 2

This Logo Set includes six cool typogragphy emblems over a black background.

Background Illustrations

Looking for the perfect background textures that will match the occasion? This set of Halloween Illustrations, which features orange and black argyle, plaid, and spider designs, are probably what you have been searching for.

Pumpkin Poster

What’s a party without a poster? Use this Halloween Pumpkin Poster for your website or family party.

Retro Poster Design

Maybe you’re not into pumpkins? Well, get retro and groovy with this Halloween Poster, which illustrates a castle atop a mountain.

Pumpkin Emoticons

Jack o’ Lanterns are often depicted with a happy yet frightening expression, but that doesn’t mean they can only flash a smile. This cute set of Pumpkin Emoticons includes 20 face expressions ranging from happy to sad to angry.

Halloween Emblems

Freebie: Halloween Collection 2015 3

This is similar to the set of logos above. However, instead of the monotonous white over black, this set of Halloween Emblems includes six typography banners in vibrant orange, red, and violet shades.

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Featured Photographer: Brilliantly Sombre Silvia Grav