FlashMoto – A Content Management System for Flash

FlashMoto is a powerful content management system built for the simple and effective publishing of web content to Flash websites. Basically it allows you to submit and modify content without requiring any software, technical knowledge of HTML, Flash and other programming languages.


This powerful Flash CMS is able to manage almost any Flash website without any restrictions in design, graphic effects and animation.

Some of the most interesting features of FlashMoto are :

  • No installation required. You just copy the files to your web server and that’s it.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG page and pop-up editor. Editing a Flash website is very simple due to the intuitive and ergonomic what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor. This enables you to easily visualize what you are producing or modifying.

FlashMoto Editor

  • Rich Media Library. You can add pictures, videos and SWF files easily.
  • Video embedding and MP3 player component. Using the built-in mp3 player you can manage with ease the audio component of your website. Also you can embed videos from popular video sharing websites such as Youtube, Google or Yahoo! Without needing any other application or software.
  • SEO Optimisation. Your Flash website, with all its content, just as an HTML one will be indexed by search engines. Each site page has its own unique URL and editable Meta Title. Also Google Analytics integration tool, robots.txt, 301 SEO redirection, deep linking will help your SEO ranking.
  • Documentation and Support. FlashMoto offers a lot of tutorials and support for its content management system.
  • Flash CMS Templates. FlashMoto provides over 15 templates to choose from. You can use them as starting points for your designs or use them out of the box.

Who is FlashMoto aimed at?

FlashMoto Flash CMS is aimed both at the end users and Flash developers. The end users may take advantage of FlashMoto CMS pack that consists of the CMS and a ready made design for fast Flash website creation and its easy management. As for Flash developers, FlashMoto provides a powerful ActionScript 3.0 API (application programming interface) that can greatly speed up the development process. This CMS for Flash also offers multiple ways and built-in components for your own CMS themes and modules development.

For more information check out the FlashMoto website.

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