TOP 10 Reasons to Use AuroraFlash Free Site Builder

AuroraFlash site builder is Windows desktop WYSIWYG editor allowing to build amazing flash websites without being flash guru or having a degree in IT. It’s just a convenient application that can help anyone create really good website in a visual mode. In fact there are many other good projects on the web providing similar services— Yooba, TrendyFlash, FlashmintCMS to name just a few . So what’s the difference you may ask? The trick is that Aurora guys have 10 major advantages you should know about.

100% Free

The project is non profit and everything including WYSIWYG editor, software updates, graphics libraries and design presets come absolutely free of charge.


Unique architecture provides tools for creating highly scalable flash websites based on xml data feed. To create new pages the user should simply add new nodes to xml tree, WYSIWYG site editor helps to complete the task in visual mode.


AuroraFlash developers wants the users of the site builder feel happy when they look at their websites

Aurora Flash Site Builder - Screen 1

Aurora Flash Site Builder - Screen 2

Aurora Flash Site Builder - Screen 3

SEO friendly

Such things have been done by Adobe and Google to dramatically improve search results of dynamic web content and rich Internet applications (RIAs). Websites generated by auroraflash come SEO friendly right out of the box and you have space for further improvements working with the URLs and page titles(deep linking is supported).


It’s a really new approach to flash development, so far Aurora is the only application helping to make professional site in 2 hours, 1 of which 1st time user spends getting familiar with the interface and preparing content for the pages.


To make the users of site builder less Internet dependent the developers rejected the idea of online CMS and substituted it with a local application allowing to work on the content of your site anytime and anywhere. You can build your site off line(in a bus, on the beach, anywhere) and synchronize the content at the most convenient occasion when you have internet connection. More than you do not need broadband connection, in fact all you need to upload to the server is a new structure file of the website and texts/images that you added. No heavy flash files anymore!

Open to new ideas

Aurora’s developers number is constantly growing and everyone has fresh and original ideas.  It’s a great chance for every flash programmer to make something useful for other surfers and promote himself.


The interface of flash WYSIWYG editor is as simple as possible. You don’t have to spend much time on reading the manuals to master the basics and create your 1st project.

Aurora Flash Site Builder - Screen 4

Aurora Flash Site Builder - Startup Screen

User friendly

The product was developed with a thought of a final users who have neither web development experience no action script 3 knowledge no  adobe flash animation background. These are 3 things you are not supposed to have to build stunning flash site with AuroraFlash!.

Growing and Friendly Community

It’s always easy to get advice and support when you join large community of developers and final users.  Shared show cases and tips can boost your imagination and help create a website you can be proud of.

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