Featured Designer: Francis Chouquet’s World of Alphabets

Today’s featured designer is Francis Chouquet, a lettering artist from France with a penchant for bold, fluid designs.

With pen and ink, Chouquet creates lettering designs that are fluid and pleasing to the eye, and yet still capture the viewer’s attention and draw them into the message portrayed. Working from paper to the digital medium, the artist also does graphic design work and brings unique lettering skills into the computer as logos and website headers.

Though most of his work is presented alone, the lettering skills he portrays work amazingly with isometric logos and minimalist graphic design, offering a chance for the typography to really shine through. Whether it’s a serif or sans serif font, cursive or block, the artist creates stunning designs that work in a variety of projects.

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Francis Chouquet

Written by Megan Fitts

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