Featured Designer #12 – Marko Prlji?

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I am … and I do …

My name is Marko Prlji? and I’m a web design professional from Croatia. I’m very passionate about all things web so I spend most of my time either designing, coding or managing web projects. You can see some of my recent work at, which I redesigned lately. I’m also co-founder and creative director of a web agency called Twinkle Tap. We’re still working on our web presence but you can check and bookmark the site anyway Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I got into designing …

I studied electronics in Vienna and Split and was heavily into producing music, which is also a way of creative expression right? I remember when I was in 8th grade of primary school, friend of mine was doing a funny photomontage in Photoshop for his Hip-Hop band. I was really excited to be seeing this as it was the first time I saw a software capable of doing this! After my short career as a DJ I got my first computer and started using Photoshop. I got hired in a print shop where I did some design work but nothing remarkable. One hot summer my school mate and I decided to build our first website, and we did! I had so much fun doing that so I decided I’ll stop with my music production and switch to web design. Obviously it was the right choice as I’m still doing it and I’m having more fun then ever! 🙂

I get my inspiration from …

One and only who inspires me is Mr.God Almighty. He’s the best, really is! You can’t “get” inspiration. Surely you can be inspired by something you see or experience but you can’t “get” inspiration. It just comes out if the blue and you can’t tell where it came from, can you? I do have a huge RSS feed and I follow what’s happening in our industry. I follow interesting design blogs like From up north, Grain edit, Thinking for living, Paper crave among others. I observe a lot, observe everything that surrounds me, from people, architecture, cars, nature to human behaviors and experiences, everything. You have to allow yourself to be inspired.

In the beginning I promoted myself  … . Now I am marketing myself …

Hahaha, I get this question asked very often. To be honest, I do nothing. I started out by selling themes at and did quite well. Soon after I released couple of templates, people started to show interest in my work and hired me to do custom web design. By that time I didn’t have a proper portfolio website so I decided to create something eye catching (to attract potential clients I guess) which resulted in this (old version) One thing I do every time I redesign is that I submit the site to numerous CSS galleries and other design showcase websites. Back then I did it because I wanted to get noticed but today I do it just because I want to share my new design. My design was featured at some popular web design blogs and I also started writing articles and tutorials for them. The next thing you know my Inbox was full. To be clear here, I’m not saying that if you do exactly what I did it will get you more work. If you suck, I can’t help you but if you’re dedicated, passionate, trusted and reliable person who has good communication skills and is eager to learn, that will get you far, trust me. Oh, if you, who is reading this, are the person I’m talking about, please contact me. We’re always looking for new talents. 😉

I think the future of design …

Opinions? I don’t have an opinion. Predictions? I’m not psychic but I used to say that the next web design trend is EDUCATION! People seem to forget that they need to continue to educate themselves, to read respected design and development blogs, to buy related books and try new things out. You don’t want to use noise background on your site just because someone did it and it’s a new trend! OBSERVE.

3 websites I couldn’t live without …

There’s nothing I couldn’t live without except God. I could even live without the internet. Ok you asked for 3 sites : Google, Twitter, Amazon.

You can find me …

Some of my designs …

Featured Designer - Marko Prljic - Image 1

Featured Designer - Marko Prljic - Image 2

Featured Designer - Marko Prljic - Image 3

Featured Designer - Marko Prljic - Image 4

Featured Designer - Marko Prljic - Image 5

Featured Designer - Marko Prljic - Image 6

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