Favitt – An alternative to Google and Bing?

Nowadays search engines have become an integral part of our daily lives. If you are a doctor, an IT specialist, a programmer, an engineer, an accountant, a lawyer, a business man or whatever you’ll use a search engine to find information, products, news, updates, videos, maybe even old friends. No matter who you are if you have an internet access, you’ll use a search engine. Period.

Where there’s such a demand, there’s only natural to be quite an offering. I think everybody that uses the Internet knows about the 4 big players in this field, in no particular order  : Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. All thesse search engines and great and you can find just about anything. But what if you need multiple search engines? That’s where Favitt comes in.

Favitt – An integral solution

As I said, what if you need to search for multiple things such as search for videos on Youtube, listen to some music on, search for some shopping items on Amazon and research something on Amazon ? The classic solution is to open multiple browser windows or tabs and access each website separately. Then there’s the problem of navigating through all those tabs or browser windows which can be very confusing. Well, not any more because Favitt offers you the all the customizable multiple search engine experience you need.

Favitt lets you search on multiple search engines from the same page and thus saving you time and making things a lot simpler.

The Favitt Experience

When you access Favitt you are greated with this screen :

Favitt Homepage

As you can see right from the start the website is oriented on giving a beautiful user experience. As you can see you are greeted with a cool background that changes from time to time so you won’t get bored.

Also there’s the option of uploading your own background so you can make your browsing experience more personal. There’s even the option of uploading more than one background, and the website will rotate each image on a daily basis.


Another thing the people at Favitt have thought in order to furthermore increase the level on user experience is that you can choose the position of the search box. You can place the search box in every corner of the screen, or center it in the top or bottom area.

Furthermore to give you an even more personal experience you can replace the Favitt logo with your logo.

The Search

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you are interested in a mobile phone, let’s say „Nokia N97”. You type into the search box „Nokia N97” and by default you’ll get the Google search results. You will notice in the left area all the other search options, which of course are customizable (Youtube, Amazon, Bing etc). In the right area you’ll see some images of the Nokia and below that you can see what people are talking about your search term, in real-time, through Twitter and some video results.

Favitt Search

That’s all fine, but let’s say you would like to see how the phone handles and looks through some videos. All you need to do is click in the left panel „Youtube” and you’ll notice the video results, displayed nicely with thumbnails.

Favitt Video Results

Now let’s say you want to check out what Wikipedia is saying about your Nokia. All you need to to is just click in the left sidebar on „Wikipedia”. It’s that simple. No need to leave the page or open another tab.

After you researched it and watched videos about it, you decided to buy it. Just click on „Amazon” in the left panel and you’ll get the results from Amazon.

Other features

  • The search results page has a share button – so not only can you share your favitt homepage but if you find an interesting search result,  you can share it with your friends
  • You can re-arrange the order of the search engines
  • You can add links to your “favorite sites” and delete the default links
  • You can  re-arrange the order of your “favorite links”


Favitt offers and beautiful user experience when you are searching on multiple search engines and websites and let’s you do that without opening other tabs or browser windows.

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