DepositPhotos Has New Subscription Plans For More Convenient Image Shopping

Depositphotos is well-known as one of the most popular microstock agencies on the internet. Moreover, this company has also been reputed as the fastest-growing microstock agency due to their rapid development. In just 4 years since it was first founded in 2009, Depositphotos has been able to collect more than 14 million stock files (including stock photos, vectors, and footages) with more than 1 million users.

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With so many users and trusted contributors on their pocket, it must be hard to maintain the standard. However, Depositphotos seems capable to handle it with their commitment and innovation. To keep their customers feel at home, they always offer various programs and promos. They always keep moving forward and improving. Recently, Depositphotos introduced the new subscription plans and prices for their customers.

Every microstock does their business by relying on digital payment, so does Depositphotos. With the development of technology, now the payment can be easily done and available on various ways. Just like in the other microstocks, in Depositphotos we can use two methods for payment: Pro Subscription Plans and Pay-As-You-Go Credits. Now, Depostiphotos makes a little bit change in their subscription plans. But, the credit system is not touched at all. It seems like the change is made to give more choices for the buyers to buy images in this website. Actually, the change in subscription plan is not much, but if you are a loyal customer of this site this info may be important for you. For illustration, you can see the comparison between the old subscription plan and the new one provided below:

The old subscription plans

DepositPhotos Old Subscription Plans

The new subscription plans

The new subscription plans

From the illustration, we can see that now the Pro Subscription Plan is divided into two new plans: Daily Subscription Plan and Monthly Subscription Plan. The change is not very complicated though. Actually, if we see it carefully, the old subscription plan is just converted into the “Daily Subscription Plan”. Daily Subscription Plan has the same system and prices, just like what you can see in the old Subscription Plan. In Daily Subscription Plan you can download certain amount of images every day until selected duration; can be 1 month until 1 year. The Monthly Subscription Plan is not really far different from that. In this subscription plan, you are also given certain amount of download, not per day but per month. If you are a person who needs a lot of images every day, you better choose the Daily Subscription Plan. Meanwhile, if you constantly need images for your work but not really much, you are more suitable with Monthly Subscription Plan. Monthly Subscription Plain will work better on students, teacher, and others.

In their effort to improve, Depositphotos keeps doing the best. This new subscription plan is one of their efforts to add another convenience for their customers. With their impressive development and commitment, who knows that in the coming years they may stand as the best microstock agency on the internet.

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