Daily Inspiration: Top 10 Personal Portfolio Websites

Today’s daily inspiration is based on my own personal research to re-brand myself. I am currently looking to come up with a personal portfolio to showcase some of my best work from over the years.

In my quest, I came across these 10 amazing portfolios that really set off the light bulbs in my head. Some of them have won awards and I’m sure some of you may have seen them before, but I really do think that they deserve to be on this list.

When compiling this list, I paid close attention to individual creativity and above all, usability and engagement. After all, you are competing with an ocean of competitors, so a portfolio has to stand out. Some of the sites below show amazing use of technology and design.

Claudio Calautti

daily inspiration Claudio Calautti


Eric Huguenin

daily inspiration Eric Huguenin


Eppi Design

daily inspiration Eppi Design

Goncalo Cardoso

daily inspiration  gcardoso   Front End Developer


Piotr Swierkowski

daily inspiration Piotr ?wierkowski 2014

Moeko Abe

daily inspiration MOEKO ABE

Mathias Sterner

daily inspiration Mathias Sterner

Kenji Saito

daily inspiration Kenji Saito

Kasper Laigaard

daily inspiration Kasper Laigaard

Gui Bento

daily inspiration

I hope some of these will help those in the same crossroads as I am. If you have a portfolio site that should be on this list, mention them in the comments below!

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